July 28

Fishbites Bag O Worms Bloodworm Alternative

While fishing in Falmouth, MA I came upon the Fishbites Bag O’ Worms Bloodworm Alternative when looking for lure. I basically didn’t want to spend any more money on seaworms that 100% work all the time. From what I've seen fish bites is a very popular artificial flavored bait. they have a fight club which shows all their great catches on their artificial bait.

 When I first came upon them I saw they had  great packaging and we're probably established. I did not realize that there was a whole trend of freshwater and saltwater artificial baits.  I'm talking about them actually replicating the smell of a real live piece of forage and putting it on a stick of bubble gum or encapsulated inside and artificial bait.

 Obviously the one I took was the bloodworm version which was put in bubble gum stick form. They do have other selections that allow you to actually replicate the piece of force that you are mimicking. However, they have built-in extra-strong scents just like Berkley power bait.

What Is Fishbites?

Since 1999 Fishbites have been making scented artificial baits for freshwater and saltwater. Very surprised that I haven't come across them in my fishing but that is because they haven't been on store shelves or privately shown at Big Distributors like Bass Pro Shops. know that I'm fishing more often I'm finding smaller brands that are doing a stellar job of catching fish.

 these lures are generally included with a mesh insert to make them easier to hook. The one I have definitely has a fixed match but others may not. They even have a pork rind attachment that you put on the back of a jig or spinnerbait. You may remember these pork rinds back in the 90s when they were very popular use of chicks cuz people thought fast like port. They weren't completely off but now Fishbites has made something even better. 

What Are Fishbites Made Of?

The story of what fish bites are made of is quite interesting. The Creator cut his foot while walking on an oyster bed and noticed that a lot of marine species rushed toward his cut I eat the blood to see if there was something to eat. Honestly, this would freak me out and not make me think about how to make a lure.

Professor thought of mine he did a lot of testing on how fish smell. He destroyed the myth that fish smell the way that we do underwater. However, using smells that goes to the air easily does not translate to smells that go through water easily. Reformulated specific non-gas smells to put on artificial baits. then you did testing to make sure that fish hold on longer just like Berkley powerbait does. that way you attract fish really well and then you make them hold on really well. He's a to factors which fish rely on when they go hunting for meals. This is why fish bites work so well.

Do Fishbites Really Work?

I would like to say that when I took this Fade Out every single fish but it within three seconds but I was in a place where I was not getting bites on an actual sea worm. This made my testing null and void because they were no fish around. How do I know that? I was at the Falmouth Harbor Inlet what's a sea worm and getting bites every single time but in this location where I did this video, I had no bites on sea worms at all.

August 2020 Update!

I took this bait to my local river and I am glad to tell you that the panfish love this bait. They bite it just like they bite live worms. I caught bluegill one after another with no issues. So the question of does this actually work is simple. However, is it better than the real deal. The answer will almost certaintly be no for any artificial bait.

Fishbites Butt Kicker Paddle Tail

Now, if you go to the fish bites website you will see tons of people with all varieties of their lures catching awesome fish. Now that I've seen this I will be buying more of their Bates and trying them out in various locations. I want to go through the chemical formula that he has gone and created and make sure that it works where I am located. If that happens you will be seeing me fishing with fish bites a lot more often.

How Do You Store Fishbites?

Storing Fishbites is very simple. You simply just keep it in the bag. This particular bloodworm alternative needs to be kept out of order. If you watch the video you will notice that almost half of the material on the mesh melts away within 20 to 30 minutes. This means it won't last as long as a plastic worm.  

Fishbites Fight'n Shrimp

However, it will last longer than an actual see where which will get eaten immediately. The mesh is so strong that no matter how hard they pull or pick at it it won't come off the hook and this means you can tempt them into getting hurt easier. This is why I believe this is a good bait for young children who are going fishing and you don't want to get all messy. shout out to the fishing moms.

What Kinds Of Fishbites Are Available?

You will find a full variety of fish bites artificial baits and fishing gear. They have stuff for saltwater and freshwater and for things to keep you safe from the Sun and viruses. Below, I've listed these options and you can always learn more by going to fishbites.com



How Do You Hook Fishbites?

Hooking your fish bites artificial bait depends on what type you have. If you using the bag of worms bloodworm alternative you will hook up right through the mesh a couple of times. It was advised by the local bait shop in Falmouth, Massachusetts to use about an inch strip. You will find that it's hard to get a hook through the match and you'll have to push pretty hard. Make sure that when you do this you're pushing the hook between your fingers and not into your finger. If you do it the wrong way you will find out that you can hook yourself as well.

Fishbites Long Lasting E-Z Crab

If you using one of the normal artificial lure types that they have you can hook up normally. This means you use it just like any other plastic lures in your tackle box. I will go more to death on these types of lures when I purchase them and try them out but for right now we're talkin about the bloodworm alternative.

How Do I Stop My Fish From Stealing My Bait?

What are the best features of Fishbites bag of worms bloodworm alternative is the fact that it has a mesh inside of the material.  this mesh is really strong and doesn't break. You will need a pair of scissors or a toenail Clipper or a knife to actually cut it. This is the reason why this will stop stealing your bait. The flavored material will melt away over time but you're work will not come off. 

This is yet another reason why you will catch fish and people using regular sea worms will not. Most people don't understand the bite of a fish when they're going out to live bait. Small of fish will nip at it and just take the bait right off without you even realizing it. Play try that on this date they will fail and you will succeed.


Hopefully, this has shown you exactly what fish bite has to offer for your fishing experience. This is my first time using fish bites and even though I didn't catch anything the promise of catching something like this is huge. Also, there is plenty of evidence from other people and prose that this is a great artificial bait. I will be using more of these very soon and making review videos and blog posts. Please stay tuned to learn more about by episodes of fishing with fish bites and other great lures.

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If you find yourself unable to go fishing and use fish bites or any other bait because you have to work too much or your family asks too much of you think about this. I also had this problem and I spent over a decade lamenting over the fact that I would not be able to fish like I did when I was a young child. One day I decided I'm going to fix this problem and I went out and did a test run after having a great thought. My thought was, “ why can't I go fishing right now?”.

This single thought turned into what you see now at fishingatwork.com. You can learn how to do this too and I'm going to help you do that for free. that's right I have a very simple very short and to-the-point 10-step PDF which will help you go fishing more often. You can find this right on the homepage just below the bottom. if this short PDF doesn't serve you well enough and you need more help go all the way to the bottom and you'll find blue sign up to learn about my Everyday Fishing System video course. I spent a lot of time listening to my visitors and figuring out what they needed to go fishing more often and I put it all together into a video course which you can get for a very low price. if you're interested in that just go to the bottom of the home page and sign up and learn more about what's possible.

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