June 6

Fishing In The Rain

Fishing in the rain does not have to be a hard thing to do. Many people avoid it because it inconveniences them and they don’t want to get wet. I want to let you know that you shouldn’t be afraid of the rain and avoid it like most people. You will find out that you will become a better fisherman and person by tackling issues head on just like Fishing At Work!

In this article, I will show you how to fish properly in the rain in regards to fishing style, location and more importantly what to wear. If you like to watch visually please view the two YouTube videos above and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Fishing Style

The actual way that you will fish will not change much. This is the reason you don’t hear to much about this. Many people just stay strong and keep going like they see clear blue skies. Others will be wrapped up with full rain suits and scarves and will do the same thing. If you watch a couple fishing shows or competitions you will see this occurring. However, a few things do change in the rain and I have witnessed them many times on different bodies of water.

Fish Feeding on Baitfish Schools

You may see a lot of bait being attacked near the service of the water during a rainstorm if you look closely. The rain protrudes the service a bit and it becomes darker in the middle of the day. This helps the predator fish become even harder to see. This will have bait worried real fast when they lose their visuals as a school. If you see this near the shore grab the nearest bait that mimics them and cast it just to the side of the school.

You are sure to grab one of the big boys that don’t want to do all the hard work of the smaller more energetic fish. Under schooling baitfish that are being eaten are usually very big fish waiting for the spoils to drop down and they get an easy meal. They also will hang to the outside until the baitfish have become worn out and launch a second attack, which requires less energy use. Even fish become wiser with age and you will have to use this moment of “reaction biting” from the big boys to land one.

Shoreline Fishing

Fishing from the shore actually enhances during a rainstorm the light deflection of the rain and the darkness help hide your presence. You will be able to have access to more shallow water fish without scaring them off like you do on a clear day. Most people don’t think about this sort of thing, but it is important.

Fishing Locations

It may seem like the fish are everywhere and you can catch them by doing anything during a rainstorm, but it is still effective to stay near the normal fishing hot spots. You can read more about these locations on the blog post (https://fishingatwork.com/fishing-hot-spots) to get more information.

I will say that staying near the natural or man-made fishing structure that provides cover will be your best bet. Lily pads during the summer are great for fishing frogs or lizards across. The big bass sit beneath the lily pads even during the rain and wait to ambush an amphibian trying to escape into the water. This makes for some fun fishing whenever you can get it to work

Fishing Rain Gear

It is very important to have the proper rain gear when you know you might be fishing in inclement of weather. You can always read the forecast, but who knows how accurate it will be. I will state if you hear thunder or see lightning you should call that day a bust. I don’t want to promote fishing in dangerous situations. The fish will be their tomorrow!

Fishing Rain Suit

A line of foul weather gear can be found that focuses on fishing and what you need when are trying to catch fish in bad weather. I highly recommend buying a full suit as a great investment if you go fishing every week or try too. That is enough times to eventually run into a bad situation and have to decide if it will end your fishing day or not.

Some of these suits come in one piece overalls and others are completely separate. I personally own Field and Stream waterproof fishing suits that have treated me very well. I even snowboard in them for the winter because of their waterproof abilities while staying light. When I am off the mountain, I can take them off easy and have on my regular clothes!

Fishing Rain Jacket

The bad weather jacket will be one of the best things you have in your fishing gear for clothes. Primarily protecting your upper body is almost enough to prevent the lower body from getting too bad. However, we are talking about fishing at work and maybe your nice dress clothes just can’t get wet. You can always blame it on the wait line at the food truck, but why even chance that.

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You want to make sure you get a waterproof fishing jacket because you don’t want rain to come in at all. You also need have pockets and zippers to help hold things you need. The zippers should be covered so they don’t let rain slip through the zippers. The hood should be very large and elongated so that it can cover a hat and pull over your eyes. If the hood is large enough it can keep angled rain from getting on the side and allowing you to see clearly.

Waterproof Fishing Pants

Fishing rain pants can be a great addition to your gear as well. Many times you can’t predict what will happen to you so protecting your rear is important. Nobody wants to go back to work with their butt wet or the bottom of their pants soaked to your bare skin. It isn’t professional, but if you are quick you may be able to hide behind your desk.

I have done this before when I wasn’t even fishing and hiding doesn’t help when you are walking in the front door. Your fishing gear, cloths, and documentation can all be stored in your pockets so having a lot of them is important.


In the end, you should try fishing in the rain more often than you don’t most storms are not strong and the rain is lighter than it looks. The fishing however, is better than you think! Get the right gear with the right mindset and you will be catching fish in no time!

If you are looking for more ways to go fishing in the rain check out On The Water media for valuable information in your neck of the woods.

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