July 24

Eagle Claw Pack It

Hello Dwight Norris of fishingatwork.com and today we're doing the unboxing of the Eagle Claw Pack It a combo fishing rod and spinning reel. I got this fishing rod and reel on eBay, if you're wondering where I purchased it. I think that pretty much any retailer like a fishing tackle shop or on Amazon.com will have something similar to this. The important thing is I found something smaller than I already have and it comes with a nice carrying handle. Now I want to let you know that I actually haven't opened the Eagle Claw Pack It up at all. It's brand spanking new! It's also filled up with fishing line.

So let's go over some of the actual features. It's a five and a half foot long telescopic fishing rod. It has one ball bearing compared to my Abu Garcia Cardinal, which has five ball bearings. It's super smooth even after being beaten up for years. I got that spinning reel off Ebay used. Nice deals on collapsible fishing rods are here sometimes and sometimes you don't get good collapsible fishing poles. You just have to look around and decide to buy quality.

Sometimes it's better to get new fishing gear and then you don't have to think about anything. It a small telescopic fishing pole with fiberglass construction. An EVA foam handle and ceramic guides give it decent quality. It's preloaded with monofilament fishing line. 

Line Weight

Eagle Claw Pack It -11

It doesn't say what the weight of line is. Is it eight? Is it 10?. The spool actually has the weight and line length information written on it. So Eagle Claw Pack It takes four, six and eight pounds. For four pounds, it takes 160 yards. For six pounds it takes 130 yards. For eight pounds it takes 90 yards. So I'm guessing they put it in the middle and that's six pound line. That's perfectly fine for what I'm doing with this local area with line breaks and hard rocks.

That's actually what happened today. I had one of my favorite lures on my collapsible fishing rod. I was about to go home and on my second to last cast something happened. The fishing lure was halfway across the water and a boulder or some giant log snagged it underwater and it's wasn't moving. It's was not budging and then I give it a tug. Then I feel the fishing line snap and go weightless. This usually doesn't happen.

Unboxing the Eagle Claw Pack It

Hold on, let me get to the staples. When you pull this thing up it opens just like so. Pretty much any Eagle Claw telescoping rod will arrive this way. It's easily separated because that's the safest way to go. As you can see here we have our first instructions. If you are brave enough to take it apart, you can clean the Eagle Claw Pack It up after a year or so. It's going to take several years before you have any real problems and start thinking about getting a better fishing reel, which is easy enough.


The collapsible fishing rod is strong enough to last awhile, which for our purposes it probably will be a lightweight collapsible fishing pole. I would say the handle is fine on the old one, but I really wanted something that would fit in a regular backpack. I was really troubled by the rod length on my other one, which is six and a half feet. they made it extra long on the butt of the fishing pole to hold the extra length, which I had turned sideways to get it into a backpack. The backpack was actually a little bit large.

Eagle Claw Pack It -3

I'm actually looking into getting a spider wire fishing tackle backpack, which is super cool. It holds three containers of fishing lures, and on top of that it has an insulated area where you can you keep some stuff cool or put some of your snacks or lunch. This is very important when you're fishing at work. The Eagle Claw Pack It will fit very easily in this upper part of the bag. You can even fit a bigger one if you take out the divider in between the upper and lower levels.

It should fit, but I don't have it yet, so I can't say whether it doesn't. In my current bag I could fit two of these end to end and it would fit just fine. This is absolutely perfect for what I'm doing. I don't know anything better than this. I probably shouldn't even gotten the other one, but that one could handle a little bigger fish and will be useful in the ocean maybe. I probably could've caught a Striped Bass off that one. If we would've gone over 20 pounds I would have really been testing its cheapness.

Eagle Claw Pack It -4

So first of all, let's just take a quick look at the Eagle Claw Pack It. See here, basic stuff for a good brand. Your basic telescoping fishing rod here, I like it specifically because of it’s cost.

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I'm looking for a certain level of quality. Not too many companies make a telescoping rod because every joint is a point of failure. I think that's what we call it in mechanical engineering or something like that. So when you have less points of failure, the stronger your collapsible fishing rod will be. I have telescoping fishing poles, have two piece rods, I have three piece fishing rods and I have no piece fishing poles. 

Eagle Claw Pack It -5

Maybe I have too many fishing rods. No, no, never say that! You never have enough fishing reels. You never have enough fishing rods. You don't have enough fishing lures. You never have enough fishing stuff. Just deny it all!

So let's straighten it out. See this Eagle Claw Pack It has very good flex. Don't think it's going to snap easily. I believe you shouldn't get too crazy, but it should be able to handle largemouth bass I'll be dealing with. Yes!

Eagle Claw Pack It -6

Fly Fishing?

On that note, I plan to start fly fishing! Awesome! I've seen the true abilities of a fly fishing setup. Particularly for catching smaller fish or pretty much anything. I think I should get into it. Now I'm starting to get a little taste of why so many people do it. Not only does it look cool and there's lots of things you can purchase for it. It wasn't like an exhaustive amount of things, but maybe it's starting to seem pretty cool. Now I don't want to tie flies. Maybe when I have a lot of time like when I'm retired. Maybe I'll get into that, but currently, I want to do it. It's pretty cool. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. Is that something you do when you're older? I don't know. This is something you do. I think it's cool.

Fishing Reel Setup

So let's get this connected here to the top or bottom of the Eagle Claw Pack It fishing rod handle. Now lets get twisted up. Now some people might over twist and that somebody is probably me. I'm doing this until I get to a point where I don't think I can twist it anymore without heavy force. Then I'll leave it there. I will fish with it for awhile and if it comes loose......., I don't know. I guess I didn't do it tight enough. I will remember just how tight I did it last time and I'll do it a little bit more to actually have it secure.

Eagle Claw Pack It -7

First of all, let's take a look at the drag setting. It's completely unscrewed, which is a good thing when its brand new. Most fishing reel handles come unscrewed so they can actually fold them up and put them into the plastic case. This is fishing reel arm is plastic. I don't like plastic fishing reel arms. I would way better like this if the arm and the handle we're all metal. They'll last a lot longer. Just means I need to take care when actually fishing with it, but I won't go crazy. It's going to break anyway. So you know we're tight here after screwing it in. It's pretty solid for plastic.

You don't want the Eagle Claw Pack It handle to have too much wiggle, but just enough that it sound like you multiple ball bearings instead of the single bearing that we have. You get what you pay for! I'm going to tighten this up a little bit.

eBay Telescopic Pole vs Eagle Claw Pack It

Eagle Claw Pack It -8

Look how small this is. Here's my hand. Yeah, I'm 6' 7", so this is less than two hands. One Hand, two hands. It's one and a half in my hand size. Now for contrast, we can do a contrast comparison. Let's look at my other collapsible fishing pole together.

What! Do you see how much longer the old one is? It's almost twice the length! So like I said, I could probably put two of these into the backpack. That's true. So major upgrade. Oh, if you're wondering. I think I told you to... sorry I lost my fishing lure. So it is tied up here. Not Great, but it got me out of there fast. I was ready to move. And really this was $10 for this fishing rod. I think it's done its job. I'm almost tempted to move this fishing reel to this rod, but they're both yellow in them. You have to keep it color coordinated because that's just looks better for some reason. It has a chrome finish. Is that a big deal? I'll use this up until it's burnt up. Then the Abu Garcia will keep on rolling. They are great high quality reels.

Zebco Dock Demon vs Eagle Claw Pack It

Eagle Claw Pack It -9

I also have this Zebco Dock Demon fishing rod and reel, which is pretty awesome. It's actually for kids, which my son uses and both have the plastic reels. This one has metal just before the handle ends.

For some reason I think they made slight improvement to it knowing that this is a crucial point because it's usually where these cheap reels break at first, right? This connection point, it's the weakest point. This is a small little pin keeping the end on. If you do enough jerkin and spinning really fast or having a lot of tension on your line and try to fight it with the actual crank itself instead of the drag it will break off easily. So take a breather.

Eagle Claw Pack It -10

The Zebco Dock Demon is longer, but here's the thing,I like this fishing rod. It bends like crazy and it easily fits into my bag as well because I've bend it like so. I just released the hook so I just don't want to hook myself. Please be careful.

I have say I prefer the Eagle Claw Pack It over the Zebco Dock Demon. This is a great telescopic fishing rod. Even better, this one's for real. The Zebco Dock Demon is really for kids and catching super small fish. Can I catch a big fish? Yes. It's caught a three pound bass with my son handling it and it did a fantastic job.

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Eagle Claw Pack It - Bass Fishing

When I was a kid I didn't have any professional fishing rods through middle school and high school and I never had any problems. The small fishing rods were affordable. They had everything I needed. Sometimes they come with a pack of the lures and stuff. I'd start with that and they'll be like, oh, I'm not going to catch anything. I don't have any knowledge. I don't have time. And Boom, you know lures still work. We don't have to use bait for everything. So pretty cool. I'm going to be using this tomorrow, so stay tuned for that video. What lure I'll be using should be interesting now that I've lost one of my favorite lures and I haven't gotten the spinner version of it. I'd have to have to get when I get my next order for lures

​I think I'm going to go completely off the rails and I'm going to use a Berkeley worm (that's actually what I chose and I got a nice largemouth bass!), an old one. That's all I have, but like I think I have a pumpkin seed color that is six inches and it has the curly tail on the end. I have some Texas style bullet weights and this is probably six pound test. I'm going to go along the shoreline fishing at work up until I reach the lily pads. I'm going to get deep into the lily pads. I want to see what's under there for good, like I've been avoiding it because I have an open hook. It's going to be hooked into a worm and then I'm going to put the front of the hook just barely under the skin of the worm so when they bite it just takes a little bit pressure to show the hook. I have a video on this whole process as well if you are interested.

Then I won't have to put my hand into the blue green algae called Cyanobacteria. I believe it's called that. I have a video about that, which you can see if you're wondering what that is or why you should been concerned? So I am running out of things to talk about here. It might be the end of this unboxing of the Eagle Claw Pack It. I tell you about how many sections their are in the Eagle Claw Pack It rod if you want. One, two, three, four, five. I am astonished that it fits into the handle with it being half the size of my other telescopic fishing rod. I thought so much of the space was there for that reason. But anyway, that's great. It's easy, it's small, it's simple and it's cheap. You can get the Eagle Claw Pack It for around 30 or 40 bucks retail. If you look for deals, you can probably get it for even cheaper like I did.

More Unboxing In The Future?

​Okay. Sorry for the pauses in my speech and other stuff. Unboxing videos. People do it. They do it for the kayaks. I thought I was gonna get that first. I'm still going to get it. Yes. And I'm going to do a fly fishing thing as well. So there'll be unboxing for those things and it'll be unboxing for the lures I'm getting as well. There's gonna be a lot more unboxing videos!

So this is the first one. It's a little weird. Again, don't know exactly how to go about it. I've obviously messed up a little with my dry throat. Can't really talk well. This is the first unboxing completed for Eagle Claw Pack It. So please subscribe to my YouTube channel below. Give me a like if you like this video or if you don't like it then give me a thumbs down. I don't want you too give me that thumbs up unless you want to give me a little recognition. If you like this video you can go to the website fishingatwork.com.

Do You Want To Fish More Often?

Ask me for help I will reply back as quickly as possible. You can also download the 10 step process to go fishing at work PDF, which you can get if you sign up as an email subscriber. It's quick and easy to do and it will help you get started to fish at work and to improve your life so you can really enjoy it more while you're at work. This is probably when you may or may not be the most miserable. 

Also, when you go to the website, you'll see another link for a private Facebook group where like minded people like us who like to fish can talk and converse about how we can do the thing we love, which is fishing more often. You can share your steps, checklist and processes and maybe something special you have done to make it work for you in your certain situation and that can help out somebody else who's also in the same situation. So sharing is encouraged and you could even share your videos. You can share your fishing if it is acceptable and if it's within the rules and guidelines provided by the group and also by Facebook. So this is why Dwight Norris of Fishing At Work signing outof the first unboxing video.

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