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catfish planer board

What would you do if your catfish planer board stopped working? What if you were one of the many people who have an old catfish planer board that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. You are probably wondering what to do and how to get a new one, right? Well, I am here today with some tips on how to find the best catfish planer boards for sale today!

What Is A Planer Board For Catfishing?

We first must remind those that haven't done this or are used to using this for Walleye exactly how this works. In essence, you can do the same thing you do with walleye for catfish. Catfish may be at different levels of the water column (not just the bottom) and spreading out and up/down will help you catch more and be more efficient.

When you are catching catfish, the planer board is a great tool. This will allow you to have so much more mobility and flexibility while fishing with your rod and reel than without it. It also makes reeling in fish that are hooked on structure easier such as trees or stumps if they are too close for comfort! 

A non-mobile way of doing this is jug fishing for catfish.

What Is The Benefit Of Using A Catfish Planer Board?

The benefits of using a planer board when catfishing include ease of use and improved efficiency which can lead to increased profits over time. You'll be able to catch larger quantities of catfish faster because the device allows you to maneuver around obstacles like fallen tree branches better than trying them out without one. If this sounds good then you should consider investing in a catfish planer board.

  • Low visibility on the water's surface can make it difficult to see catfish. A planer board makes them more visible and easier to reel in.
  • Catfishing is a sport that requires patience, which means you'll be sitting still for long periods of time sometimes waiting up to five minutes or longer until your prey bites! You should use every advantage possible when catfishing so you don't lose out on this opportunity!
  • Using a catfish planer board also helps reduce fatigue during prolonged fishing sessions and lets anglers bring heavier tackle setups on board while keeping their boat balanced. This allows fishermen who would not otherwise be able to enjoy an evening of catfishing because they are too weak or old enough now to wait or pull in a catfish.
  • Catfish are an amazing sport because they provide a challenge to all ages and levels of fishing experience. Not only that, but catfishing is also environmentally friendly! When you catch one fish, it provides food for your family or dinner guests while releasing the other ones back into the water alive.
  • The best way to start catfishing is by using a planer board as this will give you more visibility of what's below the surface so you can easily reel in your prey with ease! Plus, these boards make balancing heavy tackle setups much easier too which lets older fishermen enjoy their time on the water without worrying about losing balance and tipping over during long periods of sitting still waiting patiently for action.

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How Do You Fish With Planer Boards?

You can make your catfishing experience easier by using a planer board. A lot of people do this manually and hope that their lines don't cross over while trolling, but it will happen if you don't use a planer board. The steps to set up a planer board are below:

  • Attach a planer board to your boat or pier with one of the two included stakes. You can also use screw anchors if you have them available.
  • Put one end of the steel line on top of the planer board and then put it through the hole on another side, so that both ends are hanging off from opposite sides. Tie these lines together tightly, making sure they're not crossed over each other like before.
  • The next step is to tie this piece of rope down to another part of your fishing setup (e.g., anchor). If needed, go ahead and attach some extra weights onto the rope's tail end. This will help keep tension on this piece as you continue trolling across different parts of the water where catfish are hiding.
  • Finally, cast a lure or bait into the water near your catfish planer board and then start to troll. The dangling weights should help keep the baited end of this fishing rod from sinking too deep in the water as you move forward.

Tip: If you're using heavy tackle, it's best that both ends of the line are attached at least three feet off each side of your boat so they can hang down below but still be within reach for better control when fighting fish!

How Do You Catch Catfish With Planer Boards?

The catfish planer board is attached at least three feet off each side of your boat so they can hang down below but still be within reach for better control when fighting fish!

You would bait one end of this planer board with any type of food or lure that you think might attract catfish, such as worms. Then cast it out into open water near rocky or flat bottoms where catfish are likely hiding.

Some fishermen prefer to attach weights on both ends for more control during casting, but usually only people who use heavy tackle will need extra weight at each end!

Some people don't think this is a thing, but you can really do the same thing you do when fishing for walleye! I would suggest one thing. USE CIRCLE HOOKS! This will keep you from getting snagged and it is already proven to catch HUGE catfish.

What Are The Best Catfish Planer Boards?

So, I am finally getting to the point of this blog post. Instead of going through huge details and specifications, I will save you time, but just listing what you need below. If you have any questions you can simply just go to the contact page and email me. I will physically email you back myself... for real.

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Yellow Bird Planer Board

Church's Tackle In-Line Planer Board

Gator Planer Board With LED Light and Strike Flag Kit

Off Shore OR12 With Flag

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