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Booyah Pad Crasher Jr Lure Review

When it comes to bass fishing, every bass angler knows that fishing the right lure is the key to a successful fishing trip. If you don't have the right lure, you will have a hard time achieving success when fishing for bass or any other fish. If you are an experienced bass fisherman, you understand that a frog lure is a very important part of your fishing arsenal and you should use it when the situation warrants it. Unfortunately, the best frog for bass can be difficult to choose due to the large number and similarities of existing products. 

In this article, we will introduce to you to one of the best topwater frog lures. Booyah Pad Crasher's soft plastic lure. This is the right lure that guarantees solid and consistent hook-ups while remaining weedless as it navigates over tangled vegetation. Its “bass boat” belly enables the lure to easily move in open water, and it comes with a drain hole that expels water and keeps it working perfectly.

Booyah Pad Crasher Jr - Overview

The Booyah Pad Crasher Lure is the favorite lure for many bass fishermen. It is made to be cast over weeds and slop and comes out clean from sloppy vegetation. It comes with attractive legs, which increase its ability to attract bass.

Booyah Pad Crasher Jr - Shad Frog

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BOOYAH Pad Crasher Jr is designed to enable you to get to where large fish love to hide that are tough to fish with some other lures. The belly comes with “chines” which make it easy to "walk the frog" in open water, it has the appropriate weight for pulling through slop or go through the pad to attract big bass attention. BOOYAH Pad Crasher body structure keeps the lure completely weed-free. Its realistic exterior gives it a natural appearance that bass can’t resist. The following are other features that make these frog fishermen favorite.

Booyah Pad Crasher Jr - Cricket Frog

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If you are looking for a frog that is not only good looking but durable and works well too, then BOOYAH Pad Crasher frog lure is for you. Everything about this lure is good. The frog body holds up well, fish after fish. I have caught some toothy pickerel with it and it remained intact. Of course, the fish teeth left some slight slashes on the body but it did not penetrate or tear the plastic completely. Booyah Pad Crasher frog body is the ideal combination of durability and softness. I mean, it's tough and holds up to rough use. It can be bounced off the cover, annihilated by the fish, dragged through lily pads as well as other slopes, and it won’t even flinch.

Booyah Pad Crasher Jr - Albino

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This frog is affordable, one of the best frogs on the market when considering cost, toughness, and action. It will be difficult to find a better value when it comes to topwater frogs. Booyah Pad Crasher Jr is affordable and you can fish it all through the year, as long as it's not winter-time. This is a must-have lure in every fisherman tackle box especially if you are to catch big bass.

Booyah Pad Crasher Jr - Night Train

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I think it is worth mentioning that this lure has a soft body for easy hookups. If the frog is too soft, you will spend extra time jerking it free from cover and vegetation than you will when fishing.

Booyah Pad Crasher Jr - Bull Frog

Go try out a Booyah Pad Crasher Jr!

Booyah Pad Crasher's body is close to perfect. You don't have to wait before setting your hook with this frog. A lot of times, when a bass strikes it, it's hooked. The hook points are inserted into the body enough to avoid snags, which increases your efficiency when fishing.


This hollow body is made of plastic with the right consistency to guarantee solid and constant hook-ups as it remains weed-free and snag-free. The lure stomach is characterized by “chines” which make it easy for “walking the frog” in open water, which is the correct weight for pulling over slop or through pads for large bass. The realistic decorating designs and flexible spinnerbait-style legs make Pad Crasher irresistible to bass. A drain hole around the lure tail allows water to be removed automatically..

  • Weight: 1/2 ounce
  • Size: 2 1/2 in
  • Depth: Topwater
  • Hook: 3/0 double

Colors & Variety

Bass may be attracted to a certain color of frog lure in a particular area. For the best results, it is generally advisable to carry a few different selections in your tackle box. Most experienced fishermen have a variety of lures and will test what works in their fishing environment. Booyah Pad Crasher Frog lures come in various types and shapes and they are ideal for fishing heavy cover areas. It has over a dozen colors to choose from, you can add a few colors to your tackle box and see what colors your local bass prefers. We really recommend this frog lure for topwater fishing, and to anyone who fishes for bass in the weed. The following are other reasons why the Booyah Frog lure is a favorite among bass fishermen.

  • It comes in many colors and sizes

  • It has a very strong hook to keep the fish on

  • It is excellent for fishing in the covers and weeds

  • It has unique patterns that make it appealing to fish

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