January 13

How To Hold A Fishing Pole

Today we're going to learn how to hold a fishing pole. In essence, this is not too hard to learn. However, putting it into action is a totally different thing.

If you've ever used a fishing pole before you know that it depends on what type of reel you're working with.

This blog post is going to go over the steps on holding a fishing rod and all the misconceptions that go along with it. Not until I asked around that I realize that so many people were having a problem such as this. 

However, if you look online you'll find how many people don't know what they're doing. That's okay. That's why I'm here to help and if you need any other type of help I'm here for you.

What Hand Do You Hold A Fishing Rod In

The hand that you hold your fishing rod end depends on if you are left or right-handed. This matter is because the fishing reel handle has to be on the correct side of the real for you to work it properly. 

When you're trying to teach a young person how to fish it's okay to let them try from both sides because many children are still trying to figure out which hand is dominant.

what hand do you hold a fishing rod in

I'm right-handed so I use my right hand to hold the rod. there are some subtle changes with this depending on if you're casting or reeling in.

When I'm using a spinning rod I use my right hand exclusively. however, when I'm using a baitcaster I cast with my right hand but I reel in with my left.

if you've seen any other right-handed baitcaster fisherman you will notice him switching their hands as well.

I suggest that you start with a spinning reel and try it on each side. If you don't know how to change the handle from one side to the next it is not hard but I will be making a subsequent video about this process.

How Do You Hold An Open Face Reel

Holding an open face reel involves a couple of steps. first, you must find the center of balance on the rod handle. This will give you a good guy line of where to put your pointer finger when you're holding it.

I like to hold my rod between my middle finger and the finger that's next to the middle finger. This basically makes me look like Spock from Star Trek. However, I actually can't do that move but the fishing reel helps me do it.

Spock Grip For Fishing

Once you are in Spock position then you are ready to cast. I suggest that you use your pointer finger to grasp the fishing line before you cast.

This is step 2 in my three-step formula I used to teach my son how to fish. First, you open the bill bail, then you hold the line with your pointer finger, then you do the casting motion and release the line just before your ride points at the object or location you want to cast.

There could be more steps in there if I broke it apart but this made easy more importantly, it worked.

Spock Grip - Step 2

You never have to change your grip on the spinning rod the whole time you're fishing. This is the advantage of using a spinning reel because you don't have to Fumble around with it too much to make it work. 

He's a big caster it's a little harder and if you do it wrong you could be in for a big mess which people call a bird’s nest.

Rapala Fishing Gloves

A good pair of fishing gloves are pivotal to setting the hook and keeping your fingers warm when the wind just won't let up. Protect your digits so you can fish all day and land that  monster bass!

How To Hold A Baitcaster

Holding a baitcaster is a little bit different than a spinning rod. One of the first differences is it's a fact that the real is on top of the ride. You will not be using the Spock method with a baitcaster

What you will be doing is using that webbing between your thumb and your pointer finger to slide under the baitcaster.

Drag Setting On Conventional Reel

 I am right-handed so I slide the webbing between my thumb and my pointer finger under the baitcaster. Then I grasp it with my right hand and then place my left hand below it like I'm holding a baseball bat.

Then you use your thumb which is nicely placed right over the top of the spool. You used the first joint in your thumb to click down on the bail release button. you use the top of your thumb to hold the spool in place.

At this point, you're going to do your cast but you need to keep your thumb on the line to keep the spool from releasing and becoming a gigantic mess. This is a whole different story because it's casting that I won't go completely into.

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The most important thing you need to remember is to use the weapon of your hand and it have your thumb on top of the spool at all times during the cast.

Once you have completed your cast you can switch to your other hand to put it in the same position. Then you will find a right-handed reel we'll go to your right hand. I know this is different than a spinning rod but that's just the way it is.

Many fishing reels will let you switch the handle from left to right but some don't. I suggest that you always review the fishing reel before you purchase it to make sure that it works for you.

How To Hold A Fishing Rod Right Handed

Previously I told you how to hold a fishing rod right-handed but let me tell you again. For a spinning rod it stays and the right hand the whole time.

You should use the spot method to hold the fishing reel between your fingers. We use the same grip when you're holding it too real as well as when you're casting or hooking a fish. It's very simple very easy and anybody can do it.

How To Hold A Fishing Rod Right Handed

If you use a baitcaster there is a switching process that goes on. Do you remember a football wide receiver catching a ball in one hand and then switching to another hand to prevent a Defender from slapping out.

This is the sort of thing that we're going to do except it's to be more comfortable while casting and retrieving.

open face reel casting

First, we're going to put the webbing of your right hand under the baitcaster. Then use your thumb to lay on top of the spool and push the button to release it.

Once you have tasted and the lure has hit the water you will make the switch. place the rod in your left hand the exact same way you did and you're right.

Then use your right hand to real the lower end. This is also the hand you're going to use to hook the fish and land It.

Cast in right hand real in and left hand. Once you do it for a couple of weeks it becomes natural.

Right Hand Or Left Hand Retrieve

Whether you choose a right hand or left hand retrieves doesn't really matter. Some people are ambidextrous. This means they're able to use both hands for many or most things.

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Have you ever seen a switch hitter in baseball? They look very comfortable on either side of the plate. If that's you just choose one or both and go with it.

Left Handed Open Face Reel Grip

However, if you are right-handed you should do the method that I have talked about above.

If you're left-handed you should do the exact opposite of that method above. If you look at the video that I included at the beginning of this blog post it will show you the steps as well.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my baitcaster with me so you'll have to imagine what I showed you.

Should I Buy A Right Or Left Handed Baitcaster Reel?

If you are ambidextrous I would say you should have whatever real that makes you feel more comfortable. This would require you trying out a left and right-handed reel for a spinning rod and a baitcaster.

This is the fact that they are different and require switching unless you're ambidextrous.

Abu Garcia BMAX3-L (Left-Handed) Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia specifically made a "L" version of this reel, which is normal for its freshwater styles that are popular. If the people want it give it to them.

If you are right handed you still want to test it out. I've seen right handed people use left-handed fishing reels just because that's what they learned on and they continue to lie I know that so that's what their body remembers.

It honestly doesn't matter and nobody's going to shame you if you're using the real on the wrong side. However you will be shamed if you are using your real upside down.

Fishing Reel Up Or Down?

Now you're probably asking yourself why am I going over the topic of do you have your fishing reel up or down. It's quite obvious that a fishing reel is made to be on one side of the rod. 

A spinning reel is supposed to be on the bottom. A baitcaster is supposed to be on the top. This is not up for discussion is that a question and I don't know why people don't get it.

The reason I bring this up is the fact that when you go to places like amazon.com you will see pictures of people who definitely don't fish have a spinning reel upside down and be cranking it in the wrong direction.

In my brain it immediately signals to me that they don't know what they're doing and somehow I get upset. This is obviously a personal thing and you may not have those feelings but for me, I want to help that person to understand that that is not the way it works.

Using A Fishing Rod Upside Down

I have seen people use a fishing rod upside down. This happened in the same place at two different types. that place was the fishing pier.

Obviously, somebody who wanted to blow some time and run to the rod and reel from the store. Maybe then fish in a long time or do you just wanted to hang out with the guys. I look over and I see them with their spinning rod upside down and they're reeling it backward.

Fishing Reel UP Or Down

The funny thing about it is that they're actually having a hard time doing this because their body knows that it's the wrong thing.

Fishing would be better if people would listen to their bodies. If you do see a situation like this it is your choice whether you want to interact with that person and try to fix it or not.

I chose not to interrupt somebody's fun time with my offering of help. what you can do is get closer to the person and do all the proper steps and alert them of their folly.

Using A Spinning Reel On A Casting Rod

I haven't seen this personally from other people but I remember trying this when I was around 10 years old. As you can suspect I didn't have much money and a real broke.

So I thought hey what if I connected my spinning reel to my baitcaster rod. Low and behold, it did work. however it didn't look too good.

 I wouldn't suggest that you do this unless you have to. Let's say you're on vacation and somehow you're spinning ride broke and your baitcaster reel wasn't working.

This will give you the opportunity to try this but that's just not normal. Maybe you break just the spinning rod and you find a baitcasting Rod somewhere on the street. maybe then can take the opportunity but at the quickest opportunity, you should get a real spinning rod.


Hopefully, this blog post has helped you learn how to hold a fishing pole properly. I tried to go into detail about holding it with your left hand and your right hand.

Holding it when you're ambidextrous. I also even talked about the funniness of holding your fishing reel upside down. If you have any other questions about holding a fishing rod please leave a comment down below or go to the contact page and leave a message there.

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