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Big Fishing Idea

Big Fishing Idea

Hello, I'm Dwight Norris of and today we're going to talk about something very important. My big fishing idea, which is my solution to my fishing problem. So you're a fisherman. You probably want to catch more fish. To do so you have to increase your skills. you have to increase your gear and the amount of it and the complexity of it.

You can also get expert help from Charles River fishermen, people online like myself or other experts, like pro bass fisherman. there's another thing that most people don't think about when they think about how can they catch more fish. that's to have more time.

My belief system of why that occurs is mainly for myself. Most people don't think they have more time or that they can get more time or whether they can attain more time. They're constantly searching for this, but it seems unattainable. I've found a way to make it work, but you have to think about it in different terms. 

What You Will Get From Reading This

I want to use this video to take you on my thought process in my journey, my beliefs about fishing and what's possible. I want to take you away from your thoughts of what's not possible and to get to the same level that I'm at so that you can achieve what I've achieved.

In general it seems pretty easy what I'm doing, but for most people they aren't even willing to try.

Even though fishing is their life they don’t. it's in their blood. it's what they do. they get tattoos on their body and they talk about it all day long. when it comes down to the nitty gritty they aren't willing to even try. I want to make sure that it's possible for everybody that wants to make a change in their life to go fishing more often.

5 Whys

So I like to start off with something that I think will help you realize that time equals a lot of things. It's not just about fishing. it's really about what you want to do if your life. I learned something in my previous job called the five why's, which I believe was famously used by the Toyota company. it could go a little further than 5 whys. It is commonly used in a fishbone diagram like the image below.

fish bone diagram

it really helps you to get down to what you truly... what your true Why is. I would say it's your real belief. sometimes you just look at the top level and you stop there. you think that's your true why. that's the reason I'm doing something, but you keep asking yourself why? 

You'll get down to close to or to that actual true why.  it's probably something that you have never thought about. it will probably be emotional. Most likely it comes down to emotional things because that's really what motivates people.

Why Do I Go Fishing

Maybe you didn't think that you would need to work until retirement. maybe you thought you would have more time to go fishing. Oh yeah I'm in college fishing whenever I want but then like the work the work starts. then the next thing you know you get less time. 

oh I still have a little bit of time then you have a family and children. the commitments pile up. you have chores and you have obligations. the next thing you know you're sitting around and it seems like there's not even five minutes to yourself.


Nonetheless to go out fishing and have a good time because you remember it taking hours and hours to do all that stuff but now you don't have that time and the fish you can forget about all that and relax and be happy like you were a kid and just have a fun time. That's pretty close to a true why and you can dig a little deeper than that if you want to.

You want to learn exactly what really pushes your buttons when it comes to fishing. when it comes to anything that I think it's a really good activity to really know like why you do something. once you figure out why you're doing something you can actually take action on it and increase it and make it happen more often. you have to bring things into the present to make them happen. 

Thinking Deeply About Fishing

So let's get a little philosophical, so think get the point. I like to ask a question because it really pertains to fishing at work and what I'm trying to achieve here and what I'm trying to help you achieve. What will make you agree with me that fishing more often will help you catch more fish and be happy?

when people think about touching my fish, they really think about the other things they think about, how can I be a better fisherman like, I can learn how to cast better I can learn new techniques. I can learn how to do different kind of reel slow, vast and and jerking and I can do I can get better gear.

I can know the correct lure when I get cold. I need that a super light thing because that's what's needed of good fisherman. I need the best crankbaits. I need Rapala lures. I need to storm lures. I need to get that Ned rig the that's the next best thing. Yes, all that stuff.

Maybe I need to talk to an expert. I need to get those magazines and fishermen the Bass Pro bass master pro book and learn from the best of the best. I want to be a largemouth bass fisherman because they know everything. they've done the research and they do the research every time they go to a lake or river or wherever the bass are.

They know what needs to happen and I need to learn from them but that's not your true why. if you did know your true why just before this pause the video go back. do it and go to the least five. I think you'll find out that one you fish because it's fun.

fishermen at the sea

You fish because you want that relaxation. that old man and the sea who just can't stop fishing because he loves it. It makes them feel good. It makes them feel like he could do this for the rest of his life. It makes them forget about all the bad things makes them feel like he's accomplished something, things like that.

So if we had more time to do that, wouldn't you catch more fish? You'd have more time not just to catch a fish, you have more time to get the skills and to actually execute and use the skills and increase your experience with them.

You have more time to use the gear that you got and learn about how that Rapala lure moves or that storm lure moves. how that spinner bait works around the structure or that crank bait when it hits a log or 10% a pause for a second. you'll probably get a bite if you're going to drop off.

how to use a  worm properly. how to use it live bait. where to find the fish in certain situations. You have time to do that, but if you just read just like you're in college and you're reading the book, do you really learn completely when you're reading a book?

fishermen at the sea

No most people learn by doing. actually physically go out there and do it. The book can only show you what needs to be done, but when you actually take the action to learn it and you have that rod and reel in your hand you're going out to that location and you're trying things out. 

Things you learned from an expert. things you saw online, things you just want to try out yourself and you will get a an A or B result. you'll catch the fish or you won't and then you could take that knowledge and store it in your brain and use it over time. Over time you become an expert, over time you'll catch more fish. If you haven't heard me say the word many, many times.

It's called time. you need more of it. We all know that we can't buy time, we only have a certain amount of time just like every other person. So the ask yourself, why are they where you want to be If they have the same amount of time that you do? Hold that thought.

So the ask yourself, why are they where you want to be If they have the same amount of time that you do?

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that is an essence of what fishing at work is about. if you went to the website like you've seen my other videos, that 10 step process to the fishing at work PDF, then you would know what I'm talking about right now. We'll get back to that in a minute.

Catch More Fish By Gaining More Time

So if you have this problem, then you know you have a time problem. For most people in my life I've learned and I've heard that people have a time problem. They say it all the time. They have a great weekend fishing, Oh man, It was great. We caught the red fish. we caught a largemouth bass. we caught some striped bass.

We caught some of those some sheepshead or some smallmoutuh bass or some trout. I'm not sure why I'm listing every fish in the world but you had a great weekend. you spent some time out with some friends. you had a great time. you got a good catch and now the weekend is over and you have to go back to work. You say, Hey, man, I can't wait to do that again.

The word wait is directly correlated with time, you have to wait a certain amount of time to do an activity again, but why do you need to do that? Because you don't actually have time. You aren't utilizing your time effectively! Yes, we all have obligations. we have to pay bills. we have to put the roof over our head. we have to put foods in our mouths or families mouths. it's not an option not to do it.

That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying you have a certain amount of time every day just like everybody else and it's up to you to decide how you want to use it. if you think you can delay this self gratification like a formal 401K plan where you say, oh, man, I'm going to save up all my money and then when I get that older I'm gonna go on those trips around the world to get those ladies and go party when I retire.

old fisherman

people don't think beyond that thought. They don't think beyond that. Why? Why do I have to wait until retirement to get these things? you think deep enough you'll discover a problem. Problem is your old and when you're old. You have problems. Yeah, medical problems. You have functional problems with like arthritis, you can't move your tire all the time. You sleep all the time. You don't want to do as many things you're not having as much fun as you used to.

Chasing girls is one thing but chasing girls when you're retired, not something that's usually on top of your lesson and If it is it's kind of hard to do it. You have that sports car but  people looking at you this thing even made it not cool. You're just an older tired guy and got fast car that you work so hard to get and very soon, you'll be too old to actually do the fun things that you want to do.

So why are you doing that same thing with fishing. Just throwing that time away. Oh, I'll go fishing. I love fishing when I'm old man be that old legacy. And I'll catch that large fish now have all that fun but fishing is not something that's you can just do until you're super old. You can, it's it can be just as fun but yet again, you had those physical ailments. you are tired. it's harder to actually put the boat in the water.

man with a beer

Sometimes you need some help up. Maybe you need more sleep and you don't get out out there as much as you would want too. it's not as exciting and you can't have a couple beers because if you drink a couple beers, when you get too old you pass out. next thing you know something bad happens because you can't hold your liquor like you used too.

You can just think about any person that gotten past their age and now they're trying to do the things that they were supposed to do when they are younger and it's just too hard. when they really think about it, like, damn why did I wait so long. I could have done this a little bit sooner. I just had a little bit more time being young and my legs working and everything else.

Man it will be so much better. It's like the old guys talking. Oh, man. When I was young. Yeah, I could do that. If I was 20 years younger I could take you on right now. I'd beat you on that basketball court. I'll beat you in that sport. I'll beat you in my new hot rod. Yeah, I get that reflects time back in the day, but now I'm old. My arms hurt, back hurts and my feet are swollen.

old fisherman

Don't wait for that period of time. That's on the end. When you're planning your life, you should be doing the things you want to do. So that's what I'm trying to convey here. It's a little long winded. I believe I need to hit all your key points to let you understand. This is the ultimate thing you need to do before everything else. Like the skills and gear and the professional help.

You need to work on your time. So let's talk about your current beliefs. What you believe about the way your life is now and how it affects your fishing. you believe that you can't catch more fish. you might not even think further than that. You can't catch the fish because it's too hard. You can't catch the fish for many reasons.

I've done it. I have videos on it. it's very possible. until the water ice is over and the fish are frozen, then you can switch over the ice fishing or you can go do something else. Even in the dead of winter, there are other fish just as active as they were in the past. I've discovered this through practice. I've learned that yellow perch are very active during the winter.

Just before the water freezes over and they're biting it just like they were in summer. I'm not sure what their problem is but I love it. So I'll be going after those soon. Also the carp, they love the winter too but all fish will actually eat during winter. they just don't need to eat as much because their metabolism slows down.

It's just winter, that's just one season and for some people winter season is war. They're not up here in the northeast. this isn't everywhere, everywhere is different. I have to help people do this everywhere. So I need you to realize that there's no reason for you not to be out there right now. So back to the beliefs, you don't think you have any time.

Use My Time Management Solution

Well if you get my Everyday Fishing System, you'll find out exactly how you can get more time. this is a an overview of the whole process, but it's easy enough to get started and just go try. Matter of fact, I think I said it earlier. I'm not sure. I have a video about that time management strategy that goes over the very basics of it. I'll try to put in a tag here that says a "time management strategy" or something to that effect.

Go there and look at that and once you finish looking at that. you actually do what it says, go try fishing. You can fish at work, you can fish before, you can fish after, whatever works but after you do that. you'll have a better idea of how to utilize your time or beliefs that you might have.

You don't have good fishing skills. Well, this is comes one with time and with experience and you can also come of instruction as well. One of the things I want to do is to help you gain more skills. There are many different ways to catch fish and different strategies, different techniques, different tips. I'm going to be providing those on the website over a period of time.

I'll stick to the high level ones. I'll work my way down or and work my way up depending on maybe what you want. I'll try my best to help out in effect but forget all that. It's already out there in the web. It's on YouTube. It's on websites. it's on TV on the fishing channels during fishing season. pretty much when the fishing season ends it's hunting season.

if you want to hunt with this newfound time that you have go ahead. if you're a hunter it's all out there go do that. That's probably a whole other side of things. I don't hunt but if you do, go do it. It's awesome. I love some deer meat. Oh man. It's delicious! Another belief is you don't know where to fish?

Well, this may be the fact that you're on like a river like mine. you wonder where the fish are. they are not on the shoreline. They are not on the points there. I can't get to the holes where they hide during the summer and winter. They're supposed to be in the bridge abutments but the abutments aren't working where I can get to them. I can help you out with that with my blogs as well and so can other people with their blogs and their YouTube channels and also on the video.

So don't feel constrained. Don't be worried that you'll never be able to find out where the fish are. Or even worse if you don't know what where's the fish in your local area. There's lakes ponds, there's this kettle pounds. There's places where they use for a water source. There's rivers and lakes and maybe even here near the ocean like me and you like where do I go first?

if I go there, what were on that lake or pond or stream or river ocean? Do I go to to catch the fish? what kind of fish will it be in that area? Overload I'll be helping out with that information as well but honestly, I can't make it because I can't make it instantly.  Rome wasn't built in a day. It'll take time. there it is again... time.

winter fishing

as you can see, I have a nine to five job. I go fishing every day. if I don't go fishing every day, it's because I didn't want too. When I do that or not I'm making videos. I'm making blog posts. now I'm trying to be of service to you to help you go fishing as well. Because this is fantastic. Being able to fish every day if I want to is super cool.

Beforehand I was miserable. I was sad. I was pathetic. I was staring out the window wondering how can I get to the water that's a couple streets away? Lots of who could tell me, you just use your two feet and walk over there. Stop being an idiot. No, no years went by. It's slipping on my mind, it came back of my mind.

Eventually I came across this big fishing idea and I will slap myself, why I slapped myself Immediately? I went out and tried it first like I'm telling you to do before you have all that information overload and overthinking this. you only need to bring a rod just bring your imagination. act like you have a fishing rod. act like you have a lure. act like you have a reel, a backpack and watch whatever in this act like her going out there and see what happens.

Maybe just the nostalgia of being near the water and seeing the fish and happy people and the birds and bees and all that stuff. Well, this awaken your mind to the possibilities of gaining more time in your life and what it can do for you. So once again, I'm going off on tangents. they're important tangents because they're one of your key things you need to think about if you want to go fishing more and catch more fish.

Fishing Skills, Gear and Services To Help You Catch More Fish

Another thing is you maybe you don't know the right lures or bait to use. So that's the same effect of you don't know we're the fish are. you don't know what type is the worst to fish for a certain fish or at certain time or environment of water clarity or the moon phase or title phases, etc. etc.

I'm making information for that and the same thing for live bait. If you look at the video before this, you'll see me trying it out European nightcrawlers that I bought online. Some super cool things I haven't done very often. I haven't used a nightcrawler in a long time and I haven't bought a bait online before. I thought it might be a scam. Like give me like two worms in this thing. what can I say?

Hey, dude, you gave me two worms instead of 100, but it turned out to be a great reputable company. Once I get repeated success from them, I'll tell you about it because that's great information that you'll need if you want to go fishing a lot. You'll need more bait. If you want to use live bait, you'll need more lures. you'll need more everything.

We're fishermen, we love buying stuff for fishing. Even if you don't need it is looks cool. Why not? one of the worst beliefs I think you can have is I'm too scared to try. Because if you're too scared to try fishing or fishing at work, during work before work after work. Maybe you're scared of doing other things in your life that you should be trying because they're probably all attainable.

Maybe you're too scared to ask for that promotion at work. Maybe you're too scared to ask for that day off. To scared to ask for more training so you can increase your skills or get some time off. So you can go see your son's like sports game or go on vacation with your family. Or do really anything else.

Maybe you were you're alone. You just want to try something out and you, oh, fly fishing.
Yeah, that's for old people and I'm not going to try that. That's that's a waste of time. Why do I Why do I need to fly fish? Well, have you tried it? I used to say that, now I have found an instructor to help me next spring.

I'm going to be fly fishing. I'm gonna be out there. I'm going to try it. I'm not gonna buy everything. I'm gonna get the basics and then learn how to cast properly. Maybe I'll even make a video of me learning and see that can help you. I'm going to try something new and if it gets cold enough, I'm gonna try some ice fishing.

I went on Craigslist and found some nice ice fishing tents so you don't freeze. some peopleare just giving away the ice fishing gear like reels. I know nothing about this but I would love to learn. I want to go fish more often. I want to catch more fish.

So yeah. Don't be scared to try new things. It's very important that you keep trying things because you never know when the next love for fishing will come across. Maybe you'll find out that you love ice fishing, once you go with a freezing is need better gear and more skills. You have more time, guess what, you can do that.

Change Your Beliefs On Your Fishing Time

There's the far side of the argument for the beliefs like maybe transportation is impossible. Maybe the fact that you don't have any major lakes, streams or rivers or whatever, near you. Maybe you're out in the desert of Arizona and some remote part and everything is like 50-60, whatever, miles away and there's no way you can get to it during the day or at or before the day like starts or after the day. maybe you just can't make it happen.

Obviously say, Dwight you definitely don't have an answer to that. You're not that good. Well, I do have a suggestion. that suggestion is the think about what's important in your life right now. if you have a family and you're doing all sorts of things in your local community and you want to stay there forever....

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Okay, you got a big problem. a very big problem. There's no fish around you want to fish. So get think about how much do you love fishing. if you do love it a lot, maybe it's time for you to move. Maybe it's your family that's important, not your community, not your house, that piece of land that you're on is like the best land in the whole world.

Maybe there's another place next to a lake or river or stream or an ocean. That's fantastic. if you could get over there, your life would be that much better and then you could use your time to go fishing more often and catch more fish. So now we've gone over your beliefs where they currently are.

Let's talk about where I would like them to head. where I want to take you on your belief structure, on your journey from being able to fish or not. thinking you can fish or having excuses for not fishing for so long. Just like myself to the point where you're like, Yes, I can do that. it is possible.

If I only do these things I can make it happen. So I want you to know that you can. I can help you catch more fish by fishing more often. That's the key thing. It's not everything. I'm doing other things to help you as well. the main thing is to get you more time to do it.

when you have more time, you can do all the other things which will help you catch more fish, you have more time to get more skills, you'll catch more fish. If you have more time to get the money to get the gear you'll catch more fish. you have more time to get the advice from experts that know exactly how the fish your location with your environment and your fish that you're trying to get. you'll catch more fish. 

So that's what I can do for you. you need to believe this is possible and go try it out. Please remember that time management strategy up. I'll put it up here again. time management strategy go look at that and then go try it. It's very important. You need to go from this place of it's not possible in your brain and erase it. go to the location in your brain that says you can do something. you can make a change. you can make a change in life that will make you happier. you'll get what you really want. You'll get more fish. you can do that by getting more time.

Your Solution Is Here

As you've seen, I've talked about it already my preliminary structure id my 10 step process to go fishing at work PDF, which is free. It is the way to make that happen for you. It has everything you need to learn about going from not being able to fish to be able to fish every day if you want too.

This PDF is the Table of Contents, the bare structure of what you need to make that happen. You can either fill in the blanks yourself or ask me more questions or go to my YouTube channel and listen to all the things I'm doing. why I'm doing them. how I'm doing them and learn that way. 

you can wait for the complete structured version as well. I'm building a video and text and maybe even a podcast and putting that into a whole fishing system that will help you wherever you are. No matter what you're doing. Even if you're out in the desert and you have nothing near you. Get to a place where you can go from not fishing to fishing more often and therefore catching more fish.

So now that I've gone through all these things, I hope you've learned at least one thing. You should get up tomorrow morning or I don't know lunchtime, at work watch that video about the time management strategy about trying to go fishing. You can even fake that fishing rod and reel and cast it out there and mentally think about the fact that you could be doing that right now.

It's freezing outside in the northeast. you should try this out. it's still something that's changing in your head and a switch is flipping. a switch that will possibly change your life forever. I can honestly say it changed my life.  I'm just so happy that I've found this solution. I honestly found it myself but once I looked around there were some people actually doing it!

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Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can hit the subscribe button and be updated when I make videos which I'll be trying to do almost daily on great fishing topics.

They're not doing it every day, but they even said in the YouTube comments they don't want too. Hey, man, I went across the street to the river and did that myself at lunchtime. Super cool what you're doing like, well, somebody else is doing this too. I went over to the river and I see some old fishing guys. they're retired and they're doing it. then one day I saw a father and son out there in the middle of the day. they were fishing and there are probably wondering how I was out there.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday same spot! How can that guy be out here every day fishing? Maybe it's the same way people are out there every day doing there runs, doing the jobs, like walking their children, maybe not walking the children but people working out. they have their time management down. They have their priorities down. they made it a number one priority to change their life by controlling their time the way they wanted too. they're going to do what they want to do. So you should do what you want to do!

please go on the website and get the 10 step process to go fishing at work PDF. it's free. just put in your email. it's right at top with a big logo. you click it and put in your email. you get the PDF, simple. that's where your journey will start.

So I'm Dwight Norris of telling you to go out there change your life and go fishing!

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