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Best Plastic Worms For Bass Fishing

Today we're going to be talking about the best plastic worms for bass fishing. Here comes the bass machine I have stated it before, plastic worms are the best bait for bass. So now we just have to figure out which plastic worm we should use for the type of bass fishing we are doing.

Common knowledge would state that we want to know our local forage. This means we should figure out what the worms in our area look like. This will allow us the ability to closely mimic the local worms and therefore catch the bass off guard. This is the reason the local Pro is always favored over the big guys because he knows his location the best. He knows the best baits oh, he knows what they look like, he knows what they feel like, he knows where they're located, and he knows how to change it up based on the environment and the weather. 

Who Makes The Best Soft Plastic Baits

So let's get right down to it. Who makes the best plastic worms for bass fishing. I've gone back and forth for this for decades. In the end, it always came back to the same manufacturer. This manufacturer has many bold claims and I have backed them up on video. It’s kind of hard to not believe information that's been provided to you on video. 

a worm may seem like a simple thing to replicate but you would be surprised. There are lots of different types of worms out there in the world and each one has a different look, feel, taste, and color. All of these characteristics are important. after that it's all about the way you work that worm.

 So... what is the name of this manufacturer. They are simply known as Berkley. They are the creator of Berkley Powerbait. if you are a fisherman of any caliber you have come across this fantastic plastic fishing worm. It's simply a fishing worm that actually stands by what it states. It is made these bold claims that fish will hold on 18 times longer for decades. I even have a worm in the video above that shows you some baits of theirs I've had for probably a decade. they're still moist they still sting like a worm and they still catch bass.

Berkley PowerBait

Berkley PowerBait

Now they didn't make any claims that their worms would last that long but maybe I should tell him that they make a great product and they should add this to the long list of accomplishments. I don't just fish with old bait I did have a new package of the exact same Worm but who wants to waste a worm that looks just fine. waste not, want not. 

Berkley Power Bait Worms

These worms have served me very well over the years. They are the only worms that actually have met their claims to make fish hold on longer.

Tyes Of Plastic Worms

I thought it might be useful to describe the types of plastic worms that are available in the market. Each one has its own particular use and style and function. In the previous video, I noted the fact that plastic worms are one of the most versatile bass fishing baits available. You should really consider give me a wide range of worms before you move on to any complicated lures like crankbaits or spinnerbaits or even jigs.

Knowing your worms can be the deciding factor of catching fish and not catching fish. Below, I have listed the types of plastic worms that are out there and they're mean uses. these floors just aren't for bass but they are some of the best just for the species. 

  • Ribbon Tail - These worms have a very curly tail that makes it look like a free-falling worm when it sinks. It also provides a lot of action if you are working it through the water or on the bottom
  • Senko - This was made popular by use with the Ned Rig
  • Paddle Tail - These types of worms are very common in North America
  • Ribbed Body - The ribbed shade gives it more texture and allows it to make more sound by rubbing up against stuff
  • Flattened Tail - Flat tails are common in the United States. The worms in Massachusetts are of this variety
  • Flat Bottom - I am not sure if any worm actually has a flat bottom, but this makes it easier for the worm to stay in the right position. A lot of older worms were made this way for convenience. I say you should just mimic the forage and forget about weird enhancements
Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

Zoom Trick Worm

Zoom Trick Worm

Gary Yamamoto Senko Worms

Gary Yamamoto Senko Worms

Best Worm Rig For Bass

I am having a hard time tell you what the best worm rig is for bass. Technically there are two types of rigs that work best for me personally. There's definitely one that is very hot right now in the bass fishing scene. you probably already know what I'm talking about. One of these things is called The NED Rig. technically I have used this rate for a very long time but only for striped bass.

Ned Rig Kit

If you have heard about the Ned Rig and what it can do for your fishing you heard right. To make your trip to the water go faster and smoother get this Ned Rig Kit learn how to use it and catch bass fast!

I used a very large 8in worm that was about an inch in thickness. It had a paddle tail that was about four inches long after that. Working this through the waterline when striped bass were running at the river replicated baitfish. This in fact was the same strategy and same lure in a much larger size.

I haven't used the Ned rig locally for fishing because it truly requires a boat. The name rig is fantastic when you're fishing for suspended fish or fish chasing after school. I won't say that it isn't good from the shore but it is a little harder. To be very technical my 2in grub with a spinner is in fact a very tiny worm. I use a spinner to attract action and to keep it in the strike zone. If my grub is bouncing along the bottom, fewer bass can find it.

I believe that you should truly learn the Ned rig really well and try it out in your local area. But what I've all seen online and in tournaments it is a fantastic bass fishing rig. My experience is different and shorter so I don't really want to speak on it too much.

The bass fishing rig in the next section is definitely the one that I promote the most. I've used it all my life and it hasn't done me wrong once. When I've had a hard time fishing this turmeric has helped me find fish consistently. The reason for this is the fact that I knew where the fish were hanging out. All I needed to do was lure them out for a good meal.

Best Texas Rig Worm

If you are a lifelong fisherman you probably knew that the Texas Rig worm was going to be named. The famous bullet weight in front of the offset hook has been a mainstay for probably 100 years. Nothing has produced so many winners over their time than this worm rig.

Bullet Weights

A good set to bullet weights will serve you well when you are Texas rigging your worms deep into structure. You have to have The perfect size to control your cast and sinking speed.

Gamakatsu Offset Shank Hooks

These Gamakatus offset shank worm hooks have worked well for me over the decades to hook many bass. I have also hooked myself plenty of times as well. That is how I know that these hooks are one of the sharpest out there.

When I first tie on a worm I go straight to the Texas Rig worm.I know exactly how to work it and where to work it. Just because people use it in the structure and on the shore doesn't mean it can't be worked in other locations. I have caught bass down 15 to 20 feet with this rig. it is important to know where the bass are located in the waterline. There are techniques to help you find them when they do this. Don't be fooled by these fish. They will follow a worm if it needs their requirements.

Most Popular Plastic Worm Color

The most popular plastic worm color for you is the color of the forage in your local area. Most people will have luck with similar colors because worms don't bury too much. You will find that the greenish colors we'll have some of the best results for you. This is when the weather is normal and not dark or light.

Most Popular Plastic Worm Color

Most Popular Plastic Worm Color

If you find yourself in really dark water you will want to go to the darker worms. I use a black worm when the water is really dirty. This makes it look more like a shadow and they're less likely to look closer to see what's going on. This will end up with you getting reaction bites instead of inspection bites.

Gary Yamamoto - Senko

Senko worms have been the standard for Ned Rigs since they came out. Gary Yamamoto makes the best ones in my eyes. I used to use a different type of bait from Gary when I was in high school. It was AWESOME!

If the water is lighter you will want to go to lighter-colored worms. colors such as pumpkin seed have been a favorite for me when the water is easy to see through. A lot of smallmouth bass fishing is done in clear water and you have to fish it like your fly fishing. This means that you have to present the worms in the best light, with the best technique, and the best color.you will find that fishing in clear water is harder because they can see you and they can see the big clearly.

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Best Color Worm For Night Fishing

Night fishing with a plastic worm is a bit different. You will find that very bright and bold colors will give you more bites. During the night time, bass is feeding aggressively. if something catches their eye that even remotely resembles a worm or a baitfish they will gobble it up without thinking.

Artificial Worms - Black

Black worms work very well at night because fish have to rely more on sound, feel and taste. This allows you trick more fish and get more bites.

I'm sure you've been out at night and you've seen something bright in the darkness. Are you not drawn to it. it's something that's built into you to pay attention to such things. Even if you don't want to it's always compelling. When are you are actively feeding and something seems interesting you are more likely to check it out. Once a fish gets closer they're more likely to get the cues that this is something they can eat.

Zoom Trick Worm Best Color

Zoom trick worms are my second best bass fishing worm. They have a large variety of types and shapes. they aren't that good with sense but you can always add those later. The amount of colors that they provide is fantastic. There are some new worms out there like Googan Baits that are great competitors. The Zman has a great line of worm lures as well.

Zoom Trick Worm - Green Pumpkinseed

During my fishing life I have relied on the green pumpkinseed color to catch largemouth bass reliably. It works on other fishing worm brands as well. You should try it out for yourself.

When I am fishing with the Zoom Trick Worm the green pumpkin seed color was the outright favorite when I came to catching largemouth bass. It definitely was the closest thing to the worms in my area. For this reason, I believe the bass were tricked more often. I didn't need the Special Scent Attractant that are in Berkley Power baits.

Best Color Worm For Wacky Rig

Using a wacky rig worm is a special technique that everybody should learn. The reason that the color of the worms important with his rig is the fact that it is high up in the water column. A bass is able to see it clearly and goes to a thinking process to decide if this is its next meal. In most cases, you don't want a Bass to think about these kinds of things. However, because of the way it goes through the water, it's very important for them to see.

Because of this fact, you want to use the most lifelike warm color for your local area. I know you're probably since nothing with that. This is why I always say it's best to know your local forage. Use the color techniques that I listed above when you get in certain environments.


When it comes to finding the best rubber worms for bass fishing it's good if you think about what you like to do with a worm. everybody has their own styles that they like the fish more often. Everybody likes to use different colors and different styles of worms. everybody has an inclination to go toward a specific manufacturer when it comes the fishing lures.

I don't want you to make us which if you don't think you're comfortable with it. I just want you to try something new out every single time you go out fishing. You don't have to use it the whole time but make it a challenge for you to try new things and new places. You may be surprised that maybe you didn't know your body of water as well as you thought you did. You might discover that a forage that you didn't think existed is right in your backyard.

I hope that this blog post has helped you discover what the best plastic worms for bass fishing are and how you can use them. If you have any questions you can come and down below or use the contact page listed above. If you want to get more valuable content you can go to my YouTube channel to watch more helpful videos. If you want to get more information from me personally you can click on the pop-up or a link on this page to get a free PDF and also be put on my email list where I will provide more helpful information.

If you don't have any time to go fishing I have a solution for you. I once was able to fish because I had a full-time job in a family to take care of. fishing went to the back burner while earning money was always in the front. then I learned something that changed everything. I want to share this information with you. Above the section, you'll see a link that goes through my story. You’ll then be given the option to get my system that will help you go fishing more often.


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