May 21

Best Monofilament Line For Spinning Reels

When you first buy your spinning reel, you will find that it comes with monofilament on it already. You will also notice that they don’t even show what kind of fishing line this is. This is the reason you should just take it off if you are doing any fishing with high-quality lures. The last thing you need is an unknown line making you lose your lure.

Most high-quality fishing reels won’t come with fishing line, which is what I prefer. Now I am not saying that monofilament is the only fishing line you can use on your spinning reels. When you do make sure you start with Stren Original. It has been the standard for so long I can’t even remember. To this day its abrasion resistance has remained top-notch. They have improved so many things just to keep Original as strong as it ever was.

Best Monofilament Fishing Line For Spinning Reels

When it comes to monofilaments a lot of everyday fishing don’t put too much thought on the type of fishing line they use. Usually it is a choice of brand name and maybe whatever has the best marketing on the box to get your attention.

When it comes to monofilament I like to use the tried and true and that has to be Stren. When it comes to Stren monofilament it has to be Original. The reason for this is you don’t need all the fancy stuff. You need something that works. You need something that you can trust.

Stren Original

Now when it comes to the Original version of the Stren you have to think about a few things. These things are the reason that many people choose to go with Stren in general. I started off with Stren because it was the go-to brand back in the early 90s. I have no reason to venture outside of that either, but I like to try new things. Everybody deserves a fair shake.

  • Abrasion Resistance - Tests have shown to be better than most name brands
  • Knot Strength - This helps you land big fish without worry. It also helps you when you use expensive lures and hope you get them back!
  • Line Memory - Monofilament naturally has a high line memory and that is not a good thing. Stren Original has lowered their memory, which has helped with casting efficiency and tangles
  • Glow In The Dark - Glows under a black light for night fishing
  • Colors - Clear, Clear Blue, Lo-Vis Green and Hi-Vis Gold

Berkley Trilene XL

I believe another great fishing line for bigger fish is Berkley Trilene XL - Smooth Casting. I would really like to highlight the smooth casting part. With a spinning reel, you need your monofilament to be wrapped around the spindle well. This will increase your efficiency when casting and your distance. In some places, increasing your distance will enhance your catch right because you don’t have to get so close you spook the fish before you even cast.

Why Does My Spinning Reel Keep Getting Tangled?

The reason that you get tangled when using a spinning reel is that you don’t have the correct skills, your line is spooled in the wrong direction or your fishing line has way too much line memory. Your skill can be fixed and spooling the fishing line on your spinning reel can be fixed. 

You should go with monofilaments that have proven to have low memory like Stren fishing lines if you want to fix some of that. You can even use a braid that has been fused in a certain way so that it is round and acts just like a monofilament!

How Often Should I Change My Fishing Line?

You should change your line depending on how often you fish. If you fish as I do then you should change your line every season. However, if you are a weekend warrior then once a year should be just fine. Actually, asking for fishing gear for Christmas is a great idea!

How Much Line Do You Put On A Spinning Reel?

Instead of answering this question I am going to refer to a video that I made previously about this subject. It will go over the dangers of not following the guidelines written on the side of the spinning reel spool when it comes to lbs test and line length. I recommend that you stay within those guidelines because they have been proven by testing. I have tried to go beyond them and I have got nothing but bad stories to tell you.

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