July 3

Best Fishing Line For Trout

If you’re planning on hitting the streams and lakes this summer chasing that elusive freshwater species trout, then we have the best fishing line for trout and what makes them so great!

It’s not easy to slip a hook into a trout. Regardless of whether you are casting a lure or throwing a fly, they’re easily spooked and fussy. Trout will lay down on the bottom or behind a snag and watch a dozen flies go by without even looking at them if they think that something is not quite right.  

best fishing line for trout

If you have spent countless hours wading up and down streams, casting flies or flicking spoon lures and hard bodies in the cold early mornings and dwindling daylight, then you understand the game of trout fishing. Sore arms and sore shoulders, waiting for that big strike until it eventually happens. Bang! Fish on! 

Trout fishing is a cat and mouse game, but the challenge of this battle between fishers and fish is what makes it so much fun! 

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There are three main types of trout that people will be chasing this summer, Brook, Brown, and Rainbow. Each trout has its own unique properties, and everyone has their favorite trout. If you plan on getting in some serious time on the water this summer chasing trout, you’ll need the right line, and we’ve got our top picks for you below!

As well as our top three trout lines, we’ll also cover a complete trout line buying guide and check out what you should be looking for in the perfect trout fishing line.

Top 3 Trout Fishing Lines Of 2020

S.O.S by Leland Lures is a copolymer line that is well-liked because it’s easy to cast, abrasion-resistant material that makes it ideal for casting around snags. You can use this as the mainline without a leader or add a slightly heavier leader if you prefer. The soft line has little to no memory, which makes it ideal for those casting lures consistently. It has just the right amount of stretch but always net your fish, never deadlift them on the line.

One of the best properties of the SpiderWire Stealth Braid is that not only is it available in a variety of different weights. There are also three-color choices, blue, black, and white. You can pick a color for different water conditions. The Dyneema PE microfiber construction is durable, smooth, and round, which makes it ideal for casting longer and line durability. Paired with a strong monofilament leader, the SpiderWire makes an excellent stealth line perfect for fussy trout regardless of what type of water you’re fishing or water conditions.

Berkley is well-known for producing high-quality, premium fishing lines. Their XL906-15 Trilene Smooth Casting line is ideal for tackling those fussy trout. One of the significant assets of this trout line is its versatility. You’re going to get a smooth cast and have extreme sensitivity for those small hits and touches. The clear coloring makes it almost invisible and hard for trout to detect.

Trout Fishing Line Buying Guide

To help make your trout line choices a little easier, in the following section, we’re going to cover some of the different types of fishing lines available and what you should be looking for in a good trout line. We’ll check out the three main types of line monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid, and the importance of choosing line weight based on your target trout species.

The 3 Main Trout Fishing Lines: Monofilament, Flurocarbon and Braid

Monofilament - Monofilament is probably the most universally used fishing line for trout because of its price and ease of use. There are heaps of colors to choose from and line weights depending on what type of trout fishing you’re doing.

  • Pros - It’s cheap, easy to use, and there is a large variety of colors and weights to choose from. It’s also easy to handle and doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • Cons - It’s not great around snags, and you’ll need to watch for nicks and abrasions. It also holds a lot of memory and can form twists and tangles when casting lures.

Fluorocarbon - If you’re looking for stealth, especially in clear water trout fishing, then fluorocarbon is where it’s at! It’s almost impossible to see once in the water and makes for one of the stealthiest line choices available.

  • Pros - Clear once underwater makes it extremely stealthy. Low memory and abrasion and nick resistant when rubbing on snags and rocks. Less stretch makes it great for picking up sensitive bites.
  • Cons - Heavy line that’s not great for floating baits or surface lures. The expensive price tag makes it a costly choice and usually makes a better leader than the mainline.

Braid - Braided line is gathering a small but dedicated following in the trout fishing world, but it’s not universally loved like the mono or fluoro line.

  • Pros - Zero stretch and the ultimate sensitivity. You’ll feel every bump and touch on your bait or lure—massive strength in a smaller diameter line.
  • Cons - It stands out in clear water and requires a mono or fluoro leader in any small streams or rivers. It’s expensive and requires some care if you want to get the most out of it.

Choosing The Right Weight Line For Your Target Trout Species

Choosing the right trout fishing line boils down to the weight of your target species. If you’re fishing for small pan trout in a stream, then you’ll want to be looking at the 2lb lines. Occasionally, you’ll run into a monster, but taking your time and using your rod and drag on the reel will enable you to fight much larger fish than your line’s weight. 

If you’re targeting larger trout or trolling, then you’ll want to bump up your line weight to an 8lb or 10lb range. It will give you a little more flexibility on more significant strikes, and you’ll still be able to tackle smaller fish without worrying about being snapped off on those big thumper lake trout. 

When it comes to those monster brown trout, then 10lb and above is recommended. You never know when you’re going to hook up a thumper, and the last thing you want to do is spend your evening around the campfire talking about the one that got away!

The Perfect Trout Line

 Hopefully, with the above information, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what type of line is best for trout fishing. Trout fishing is a difficult sport for new fishermen. If you start with the right fishing line, you will have a greater chance of landing that next personal best! If you have a personal favorite trout line or trout technique, then we’d love to hear from you! Comment below with your setup and target trout species.

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