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Weedless Lures

Most bass fishermen realize that during the summer, some of the largest bass like to hang out in weeded shallows after dawn and at dusk. The traditional kinds of lures won't work when fishing weeded shallow. Their exposed hooks get stuck and catch a lot of loose weeds. Weedless lures are the solution to this problem. These lures allow you to fish underwater cover like weeds, rocks, and logs very effectively.


Many people don't enjoy fishing these areas because they don't have a wide assortment of weedless lures to go through the grass, weeds, stumps, logs, trees, etc... that are just waiting to take your expensive $5, $10, $15 lure. Just the thought of it makes we want to go swimming. Just to give you a tip if you are fishing from a boat, there is a lure retriever that will help you remove your expensive lure from a snag. Check it out below. 

Lew's Lure Retriever

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What Is A Weedless Lure?

Weedless lures are the best option when it comes to fishing certain techniques that include topwater fishing. These lures may be the best choice if you are fishing bass in and around vegetation, which means you are less likely to experience snags. It can also be the perfect lure for fishing around cover and structure, including logs, brush piles, rocks, and shallow bass.

What Is The Best Weedless Lure?

When it comes to the generally bass-catching ability, the weedless lures are the best lure to target bass anywhere they live. Perhaps the most versatile and effective weedless lures are Texas Rig Worms. These are some of the best weedless lures. The reason for this is the fact that most fish don't think twice about eating a worm. It's an easy to catch and consume meal that is full of nutrients. Thinking is not required. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best weedless lure for bass fishing.

Types of Weedless Lures

There are various kinds of weedless lures that work well. Skirted jigs with hook shield and soft rubber worm rigs are the most popular weedless lures because the tip of the hook is hidden inside the rubber worm. This prevents the lures from snagging on logs, weeds, and other underwater structures. When the fish bites the lure and you set the hook, the tip slips out of the rubber and catches the fish.

The single denominator that you will find is the fact that the hook is hidden or covered by a brush guard. New style crankbaits have this and some like the square bill are designed to deflect off cover when it hits it instead of getting hung. It's not 100%, but many anglers including the pros know this is true and bravely throw this crankbaits right into trees in hopes  of attracting bites.

Frog Lure

This is one of the most effective lures to catch bass; they provide an exciting, fast-paced, sight fishing opportunity that maximizes your expectations. Casting frog lures across lily pads and over weed beds is the best way to make a bass hit hard from below. Frogs and Bass tend to hang around in the same spots, anywhere there are lots of cover. Large weed beds in particular are a frog favorite. So, using a soft hollow body frog is the proven tactic that has landed a lot of monster bass.

Sebile Pivot Frog

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The best frog lure for bass that I have found is the Sebile Pivot Frog. This link goes to the official review about how to fell in love with this lure in less than an hour. I also lost it on a big bass that I lost because my fishing line was over 3 years old. Don't make this foolish mistake! Use the proper fishing gear and do the right upkeep. 

Rat Lure

Rat lures can be an excellent choice for topwater bass fishing and can also be used to catch other large species of fish. Often times, rat lures are designed to be used near undercover and weed beds, so a lot of them are weedless. This is to prevent getting your lure caught up in vegetation, and you end up quitting in frustration. These lures can be hollow and hard-bodied, like frog lures. They generally come with hooks attached and can sometimes have curved hooks around their bodies.

Lunkerhunt Yappa Rat

Go try out a Lunkerhunt Yappa Rat!

If you remember my review of Lunkerhunt Frogs you know they are made lifelike. You could even use this particular lure to scare some people, but make sure they don't grab it! This lure is the Lunkerhunt Yappa Rat! It mimics the good ole brown rat that you may sometimes see scurrying through the food pantry or a back alley somewhere. Little do you know they have to cross rivers and lakes sometimes. These rats have predators everywhere. Owls in the trees, Foxes in the bush, but they also have Bass in the water that would love to swallow them whole!

Texas Rig Worm

Texas rig worm is very popular with bass fishermen. Though, it can also be used on other species. Good examples of these worms are soft plastic worms, grubs, crayfish, and even lizards. Any size, style, shape, and color will work well when targeting shallow bass, just make sure you use a hook of the correct size for your chosen worm. This is another great lure when fishing undercover or weedbed.

Berkley Power Worm

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For most people, this is there first use of a weedless lure. It is easy and cheap so many children will learn with this lure. It takes time, finesse and proper technique. If you can master fishing the worm then any lure can be conquered. Most people don't realize how slow they need to work a worm. You simply need to think like a worm. How fast an a worm move? The answer is they barely do. So you need to put the worm where the Bass are and move at a snails pace. It's slow and boring, but when you get that big bass on there... you won't be bored anymore!

Carolina Rig Worm

This plastic worm is like the Texas rig worm, however with the weight fixed over the hook, rather than sliding down to it. A good example of Carolina rig worm is Zoom Centipede, which is the perfect lure for beginner fishers. These lures have great movement when fishing undercover and weed because they are very light. This worm is designed to help anglers catch bottom-feeding fish, especially bass. It is similar to a Texas rig worm in that the plastic worm is rigged weedless.

Carolina Rig & Zoom Centipede

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The general premise is that you are able to discover what's on the bottom of the water. This is especially true if you are fishing from the shore. You can tell if there is a hard bottom or soft, if there are weeds, logs, stumps, brush, rocks, bumps or dips, etc... Usually only a crankbait can help you do this, but the carolina rig is underrated as a discovery lure and you should try it out. Make sure you try various lengths below the egg sinker to see what depth the fish are hanging out at above the bottom.

Weightless Worm

When it comes to getting many bites, it's hard to find any lure better than the weightless worm. They are easier to cast than some might imagine, these worms can be very effective for bass fishing. The good thing about fishing a weedless worm is that the fish does not feel any weight and generally no resistant when they gulp the worm. They have no reason to spit it out, and you have enough time to set your hook.

Gary Yamamoto

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One of the best worms you can use to this effect is a Gary Yamamoto. You can use the Senko style to replicate a slow moving Ned rig or one with the feeler legs that shake in all directions. I caught tons of bass on that when I was a kid and the bass loved it. I haven't tried it where I currently live and that is probably foolish. I am going to write this down now so I don't forget!

Weedless Jig

A jig consists of a lead sinker and a hook cast into it and is often covered with a soft body to attract fish. Everyone seems to be a jig fan. Flipping jigs are the best jig you can use when fishing weedbed or heavy cover. Because of its weedless nature, you can fish it through weedbed, tall grass, lily pads, and anything else you can think of. Because of its weedless nature, these lures will produce a lot of bass.

Bico Bomb Jig

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I will say that I have not had much success with a jig. This is probably because of the reason I previously didn't have any success with a frog lure. I simply am not fishing that lure enough. I started catching bass with the beetle spinner and now I simply can't take it off my rod. I should just dedicate a fishing rod to a type of lure like the pros do. Actually, that's a fantastic idea. Just like a worm you have to work this SLOW! This means you need to know where the bass are and if you don't know you need to learn right now! Otherwise, your valuable fishing time could go to waste.

Weedless Treble Hooks

Weedless Treble hooks are the best when fishing lure in lakes with a lot of vegetation. This is a reliable replacement hook for spoons, plugs, and spinners. Regardless of the type of lure you use, this hook is the best choice to ensure the fish does not get away. The wires protect the hook points from snagging on weeds and logs without compromising the hook set. They don't work 100% of the time, but enough for you to catch fish you otherwise wouldn't.

Mustad Classic Treble Hook

Weedless Swimbaits

This is another great lure for catching bass in slop and weedbeds. Weedless swimbaits imitate baitfish around shallow cover better than any other lure. A weedless Swimbait will prevent weeds from frustrating your fishing while you retrieve your catch. It also creates a nice small natural profile that bass likes to attack. These hooks come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Sometimes they come with extra weight if you want to fish them a bit deeper.

Hyperlastics Dartspin Pro

Weedless Spoons

Weedless Spoons are among the most effective baits you can use when fishing weedbeds. Choosing the right spoon is the key to fishing heavy weeds. Avoid choosing a model that dives deep into the grass. Another great tip when fishing weedless spoon around weedbed or heavy cover is to feather the bait through the weeds by reeling it with the rod tip high. Some fishermen usually bring in large stringers of bass by cranking weed lines with feathering retrieve.

Rapala Minnow Spoon

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Where To Use Weedless Lures?

Before we proceed to the best weedless lures for bass, I think it makes sense to give a quick overview of where to use the weedless lures. Since bass like to live near underwater covers, such as rocks, logs, and weeds, using the weedless lures around these areas allows you to fish for them more effectively. They prevent you from snagging the bait on the log, weeds, or rocks and also allow you to present your lure closer to where the bass is hiding. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best weedless lures for bass and other underwater cover fish.

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