January 11

Strike King KVD Rattlin Midnight Special Spinnerbait Review

Today we are reviewing the Strike King KVD Rattlin Midnight Special spinnerbait. I have personally used a spinnerbait several times since the viewing of the video below. Ability cast and feel the spinnerbait is one of the greatest things about it. I can tell if I'm high I can tell if I'm low I can tell I'm getting things that aren't fish. Usually, you don't have this kind of feel with a spinnerbait but Kevin VanDam definitely knows how to make a good lure.

If you are knowledgeable about spinnerbaits you probably don't think one is better than the other. Traditionally it's about how you use a spinnerbait other than what the spinnerbait does. If you don't know where the fish are and you can't catch the fish. Professional bass fisherman use spinnerbaits and crankbaits to find fish on the water when they're not quite sure where they are.

In a way, you can find fish using all the tools that this been a bait gives you. But the color and the blades and the rattles and the weight and the feel you have a complete package. I believe that I will continue to use Strike King spinnerbaits in the future just because of this. That doesn't mean I won't try other things out but it means I might be a little geared toward Strike King.

Let’s Get To The Point!

So, you don't want to read this whole blog to figure out if this is the spinnerbait for you. I'm going to summarize what you want to hear right now. If you are fishing in an area where you have heard people have used black and blue baits to catch bass this is the lure for you. If you are looking for a spinnerbait you can use at night this is most definitely the spinnerbait for you.

Strike King KVD Rattlin' Midnight Spinnerbait

A wide array of colors have been made available for this spinnerbait. You will find that bass in your area might react differently to different colors. Find out what those local forage colors are and start landing some lunkers.

If you want to read the full review to learn more you are more than welcome but you can go and purchase us right now if you desire. I don't want to waste anybody's time so I'm going to give it to you right away. if you want to read more you can go right below or he can watch the video above to get more information about this baby and other reviews like it.

What Is A Spinnerbait

A spinnerbait is a jig connected to a metal wire that holds a blade of a certain shape and color. I'm not sure when the spinnerbait was invented but once it was it was definitely a big head for people who were used to only using crankbaits to find fish in large waters.

You would generally find them in just a couple of colors. These colors are white, black, black and blue, black and red, and red just to name a few. I personally stick to the black and blue, white, and black. The reason for this is that it serves a purpose for each color. Its purpose is what it's trying to mimic in real life. They finish come in all shapes and colors and you should try your best to mimic them with any kind of bait you're using.

black and blue spinnerbait

black and blue spinnerbait

The blade shape is another thing that most people don't think about. The reason for that is most people don't know what the blade is for and how to adapt it for its purpose. The blade is supposed to look like a betta fish moving in tandem with another one that's slightly slower and bigger. Therefore the fish will ignore the blade even though it hurt at first and go after the bigger weaker prey. This is an instinctual thing and all fish and maybe in all animals as well. Have you noticed mammals on land go after the smaller, slower, weaker pray? Have you noticed that sharks go after the babies or the runt of the litter?

You can add any kind of extra feature to a spinnerbait and enhance its abilities. rattles will make it gain the attention of largemouth bass and make it believe that it might be a crayfish. If you hammer the blade it will make more resistance in the water and will also cause it to make more noise. You can add more than one blade and make it look like a bigger school of fish which will be more interesting to Bass. You can change the color to be slightly red to make it look like it's wounded and will be an even easier meal for them.

Why Would You Use a Strike King Night Spinnerbait

I was unaware that Strike King made a line of night spinnerbaits. most people don't think about making specific lures. Usually, at night, you don't want other colors to come through because everything should look like a shadow. This is the reason you use black in the darkness of night. Black worms work fantastic at night as well as the day. 

Make sure that your spinnerbait also has dark features to it. I have heard of people using highlighter bright stuff and things that glow in the dark just to the tension of a fish. However, I haven't heard that this is a consistent thing that works every time. This is because they are probably getting reaction bites from fish that are very hungry and aren't willing to use their senses when they're eating.

Black and Blue Spinnerbaits

Black and blue spinnerbaits are all the rage in New England. The reason for this is that it mimics not one but two things that bass eat in the local river. First, you have the crayfish. Crayfish start off with a little blue in them and at certain times of the year, they turn red like lobsters. If you know the timing for this you can really hone in on the bass.

black and blue spinnerbait

black and blue spinnerbait

The second reason you should use a black and blue spinnerbait is that it mimics baitfish as well. Around here you will find just about everything that's big enough beating on Blue Back Herring during their Spring Run. They physically go up the Charles River to spawn in the Millions for weeks clogging up the river to the point where they are even flopping on the shoreline because there's no room for them.

At the same time, the striped bass are coming into the river large and small and feeding on these as well. Everything is fat and happy and you can be just happy if you use the right lures at the right time. I'm sure other places along the Eastern coastline have these two fish going into the rivers and doing the exact same thing during the year. Go to your local bait shop and figure out when these baitfish runs happen if a pair your lures accordingly. 

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Red and Black Spinnerbaits

Red and black spinnerbaits are similar to the blue and black ones. The only difference is the fact that it's only going out to crayfish. I don't know of anybody fish that are naturally red. Of course, if there is a huge baitfish run and there are lots of them getting attacked by striped bass and regular bass and everything else there might be a lot of blood in the water. And this may make the fish think that your particular bait is the one that's injured and slow and easy to catch.

Spinnerbaits With Red Blades

Red blades give off the same signal as red and black colors in the spinnerbait itself. A fish is injured in the water and it might be yours. If you can get this close enough to a bass more than likely they may think that your bait is the easy one to catch. What is bear bait or crankbait this is what you want it to believe. This is the same reason when you use a crankbait and hit the ground or a stick or some other type of cover you want to pause. During his pause the fish thinks it is stunned and will attack it.

Strike King Red Eye Spinnerbait

I'm not particularly sure why they make red eye spinnerbaits. I believe they just want part of the bait to be red but not that much. Even slight damage can give the bath the same effect when it's looking for an easy meal. Think of bass as a bull and when it sees just a little bit of red it instantly gets angry. I don't know why this is all I know is we can use it to our advantage.

Strike King Red Eye Spinnerbait

With some creatures the color red makes them angry or hungry. With the bass it is the latter. Grab a bit of the action yourself and get in the game.


  • Weight - 7/16oz

  • Color  - Black/Blue

  • Rattles - Several Ball Bearings in a plastic sleeve attached to the hook

  • Swivel - Spin-eze ball bearing swivel

  • Blades - Single diamond silver blade

  • Eyes - Yellow

  • Hook - Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Hooks

Strike King KVD Rattlin Midnight Special Spinnerbait - Rattles

Strike King KVD Rattlin Midnight Special Spinnerbait - Rattles


I found a performance of this night spinnerbait quite good. The 7/16 size weight made it very easy to cast really far with my bait caster. When you're reeling it in the large blade is easy to fill rhythmically going through the water. The big jig head lets you bounce over large rocks instead of getting hung in them. It's very easy to feel the difference between a rock or a log or tree or some weeds instead of fish.

 Pretty obvious to see that this is a high-quality spinnerbait made for heavy use and just about any situation. The reason for this is the fact that it has to be used in low-light situations. You have to be sure when you cast and these kinds of situations and if you don't pass well he needs to be able to come back to you about to much fanfare. In light of that, stay safe when you go outside in the dark because you never know what might be right in front of you.


I personally think that this line of Strike King KVD spinnerbaits is one of the best I've ever used. The simple feel of the spinnerbait is something that I haven't felt in a long time. Buying a cheap spinnerbait is great for your wallet but it really isn't great for your experience. do yourself a favor and try one out. If night fishing isn't what you're looking for then maybe go for a lighter colored lure.

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