January 25

Nightcrawler Worms For Sale

Hello, I'm Dwight Norris of fishingatworkcom. today we're going to talk about the European nightcrawler worms for sale online. the fact that you can do this too, you don't have to go to your local bait shop, you don't have to, you know, have your own composting bin, you don't have to dig through the dirt.

You don't have to go wherever miles away to at whatever time to get those worms you forgot and then you your family or your son or yourself or like, Oh, no, I forgot the worms I have nothing to, nothing to use, I have to use my own lures.

maybe it's not the right time of year for that. Maybe it's one time like right now. you need live bait, and you need it soon, like one or two days. Well, I found the place that can do that. this place is called insectsales.com.

That's where I got my European night callers from beforehand, if you lookat my previous videos, where I talked about the European night crawlers I bought online and shows using them over at the broad canal, right next to MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, you'll see that not only they work, but they're fantastic.

InsectSales.com European Nightcrawlers

These are the first worms that I bought online. I was really skeptical of my purchase,but since it was backed by Amazon's guarantee I didn't see why not. Fortunately, I was surprised by the quality and level of detail they went through to ship these in the winter with no dead worms at all.

they're big, and they seem to be growing over time. that may be for one or many reasons. So the first thing I want to do is actually show you the container I came in, I removed the top layer, which was filled with a newspaper, this this to layer here actually had a nice little moist on it.

plus it's cold. one thing that the company does is asked you, where do you live. if you live in the northern northern regions, like I do, and Boston, you know that it's like right now it's nine degrees outside, obviously, even the European night crawlers, not going to be doing very well in some USPS truck or FedEx or UPS or what the way you want to ship it.

they actually put a heat pack in there, which normalizes the temperature, which keeps your worms nice and safe and alive. Because the last thing you want to do is get the worms and half of them are dead, or all of them. then you're just upset.

You know, yes, you're upset with the company, and that you don't want to try buying worms online anymore. Don't worry about that, insectsales.com has got you covered. they are high quality worm seller. So the size I got was 120. I told you previously that there's no way there's only 20 worms here.

european nightcrawlers

they speak the fact that they tempt them. as I've been using them, they just more just keep appearing. It's like magic. That's why I'm wondering if they're growing. It's this is more and more and more worms coming when I first got it couldn't see any worm of all the way around there except for the bottom.

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they were all balled up in this tight ball right in the middle, which is basically what what happens when you put them in there. they want to, they want to congregate and get warm again. now that the temperature is right, they spread out over time. I've had these for it's been like almost three months.

they're doing fantastic. one of the reasons that is because of the great soul, they put it in, it's highly fertile, and it's ready to go. these are actually good to do your own composting. Whether you have your own DIY composting bin or you have something you bought on Amazon, I get traces which I told you, I will try out doing my doing that to see if I can have a continuous stream of new worms being born.

maybe some nice compost and going on, we'll see how the temperature does. I know you can do it inside. talk to your family before you try that out. Because sometimes there might be a few smells. So you'll see that there's air holes built in, have what seems like a coffee filter, which actually lets the airflow through.

a little bit of air moisture but the dark can get out in the worms can get out and you won't have worms crawling around in your fridge like I used to back when I used to get that other stuff but this is fantastic like container that it's in and it still has some of the the newspaper in the bottom.

Had it's paper in the bottom newspaper and top over time it starts to get centigrade and gets it gets he gets like know mixed in with the dirt and actual worms either to see. These are sizable worm, sir. They're pretty big. Now the ball wanted to hid on the sides. anyway it's got some dirt near enough those worms.

They're not hiding. you can see them on the side.Take a closer look. Here they are. Oh, plenty of yous like 40 or more. Maybe maybe close to 50 I've been I mean, lighten them up out there. It's fantastic. one of the first things that they tell you to do is to put it in their special crazy worm chow.

Which comes free with your worms, whether you buy the 80 or the or the 120 like I did. the hundred and 20 is more economical. So yeah, why not get the minister and then if you're alive bait fishermen, you're going to go through them anyway. So don't worry about it. Especially if you're fishing at work every day. So here's that uh. That worm chow. 

european nightcrawlers

It's a special blend of bruises corn potato flour and some special secret ingredients which get the worms revved up getting some some energy it's kind of like taking like a five hour power something or energy drink and it gets them ready to go. So when you transfer them over to your composting bin or were actually get them home they're a little scared little sluggish.

Insectsales.com Worm Formula

If you want your worms to be more lively after leaving them in the fridge for a couple months this stuff will do the trick. It is like giving a cat some catnip. They literally start crawling all over the place once you sprinkle just a tiny bit of the stuff in there. 

Because they've been on a long trip from wherever this company's from to your place, then you might want to read them up a little bit. I come in there and next day they were moving as soon as I touched the thing they're active as I don't know what now I was like this is good, they are alive and not like at the end their life cycle or anything these worms are ready to go whether you want to use them for bait fishing over a long period of time like I have or if you want to use them in a composting bin.

there are instructions, I have used this basically you give a very light dusting over the top or just under that base layer and but it makes it a little bit and it also promotes them to reproduce. Not sure what secret ingredient is in here like oysters aphrodisiac for worms but whatever does it gets them going. So if you're ready to get there you ready to make 120 into 320 you don't need lots of this.

I'm going to keep this around I'll be getting more of the worm so I'ma probably have a stockpile of this but basically be looking for worms, insectsales.com is a good place to go. You can go to the website and they have a they have a European night crawlers they have the red wigglers, which are more traditional composting worm their little smaller.

if you want to use them for what we're doing fishingatwork you want the European night collars and they have a wide array of other insects even like praying mantises and and beetles and and other bugs pretty much anything you can imagine that you would want to you know explore there in your. 

I don't know what kind of people go into bugs and and looking at them atmost pets or dissecting them a school or something, but for us, you know stick to the basics crickets crickets grasshoppers, maybe a some kind of weird beetle and some worms, simple and they have this for you. So if you're looking for a place we can go online that's repeatable insectsales.com is the place to go.

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