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Haswing Osapian Trolling Motor Review

If you have purchased a boat from boatstogo.com you were probably offered an electric trolling motor as well. The Haswing Osapian trolling motor is a great addition to your inflatable boat.

I personally purchased this trolling motor or so. I wanted to review it to show you why you might want to purchase it as well. At 55 pounds thrust, it is very strong and can push Saturn SD488 inflatable boat no problems at the level four-speed.

Please take my review into consideration if you are looking for a trolling motor. I have highlighted all the important parts of this trolling motor. If you see anything missing please contact me through email.


Writing out to complete a Specification list is not efficient. I will provide a link below that will go to the manufacturers’ website.

haswing osapian specifications

haswing osapian specifications

The most important information that you need to know is the fact that it is 55 pounds thrust. For the price that you can get it, this is a great deal. Also is important to note that this works in saltwater and freshwater.

Haswing Osapian 55lb Trolling Motor

This is the exact trolling motor I am using on my inflatable boat right now. it has worked very well for me. I have taken it through weeds and lily pads and ever over rock piles. It keeps going with no problems!

haswing osapian specifications

haswing osapian specifications


There are several features that are pivotal to this trolling motor. These features are usually part of all trolling motors. However, it is the small changes that help us the most. The way that a feature works can greatly improve the overall feel and function of a product.  I choose to look very deeply into how this particular trolling motor function.

I have used Minn Kota trolling motors in a pass when I was younger, but I haven't tried any new ones in a very long time. I'm happy to say that nothing really has changed except the amount of power that you get for the money. Truly the best feature about this is the fact that I can use it in fresh and saltwater. I'm not going out in saltwater in my 16-foot boat with an electric trolling motor. However, I spend most of my time and brackish water and having that secondary diode to take the pain of the salt really does help out.

Battery Meter (LED)

I really enjoyed the parameter on this Haswing Osapian trolling motor. I can easily look down while I'm riding and see where my battery is. I for one do not like getting caught out in the middle of the water or river with no power. Paddling isn't my most fun Sport and it probably isn't yours either. Fortunately, my battery box made by Newport Vessels provides this functionality as well.

haswing osapian battery meter

haswing osapian battery meter

You will notice that there are percentages from 100 to 20 and 20 percentage intervals. Once you have reached the threshold the light will no longer have a steady and constant brightness. Bu light will flash until it completely leaves that percentage though. Once you reach the last 20% of your battery it probably won't be moving your boat almost at all. I will say that there is a trailing curve in the power just because you have 20% left doesn't mean that will give you 100% power from 20%. The boat will be moving much slower because it's a declining amount of Power with a declining amount of battery charge.

 I suggest that once it reaches 40% you make sure you are at the boat ramp. If you are on a river or somebody of moving water you have to stick to the 40% range. Otherwise, you might find yourself stuck out in the middle of nowhere with your paddle.

Foldable Extension Handle

The handle that you use to power the boat from forward to reverse has several other features. The first feature is that it moves up and down by 110 degrees. I don't really know of any other handheld trolling motor that has this degree of range. this helps it be used when people are standing up in the boat because the length of the shaft plus the degree of angle from the handle is steep.

haswing osapian folding handle

haswing osapian folding handle

The second feature is the fact that it extends 130 millimeters out which further helps people who are standing up. If you find yourself in the middle of a little boat like I am you can still read your trolling motor and move your boat out of the way of somebody else or another boat or some people in the water or if you see a school of fish. Having these options is a fantastic thing and it doesn't take away from the functionality of the trolling motor. I will say that when it is fully extended be careful how you twist it because there will be a little bit of play in a handle when it's fully extended.

haswing osapian handle extension

haswing osapian handle extension

The third feature is the fact that it folds all the way down toward the shaft. If you look at the pictures above you'll notice that it is in a folded state. This is the state that it came in when I was in the box. this allows you to easily carry the trolling motor in and out of your transportation device. Who's also will lock the handle in place so it won't move if you pull the transom holder into position. Because of this fact I haven't owned a trolley motor that's been as compact as this one.

Prop Protector

I have grown quite fond of my property sector which is on the very bottom of the trolling motor. this is a little shark fin-shaped piece of metal that will be damaged if you run into something but also protects the propeller if that happens. The one on this trolling motor is very strong and I have taken it over many logs and rocks accidentally. after inspecting it after a day of fishing we came up with no problems at all.

haswing osapian Propeller Protector

haswing osapian Propeller Protector

Test Drive

The formal start of the test drive happens at minute 12:23 in the video below, which I have done for you. It goes over the very fine details of most things I've talked about in this video. I believe that showing the actual use of something you reviewing is the best way to get the information across. You always have to know that the review that's forgetting is coming from a person that's actually touched and use the product. Settle for nothing less. 


In the video above I talked a little bit about the difference between speed and thrust. Just about every trolling motor will top out at around 5 to 7 miles per hour. However you always see that they have thrust from 15 all the way up to a couple hundred. Why is this? The reason is pressed is based on torque which is the amount of weight it can pull over a distance. If you ever watched tractor pulling on any of the sports channels on Saturday so you probably know what I'm talking about.

When you're at level 1 or 2 what does trolling motor either going reverse or forward doesn't feel like you're doing anything. However, if you're in a lake you do notice that you're moving. Once you reach level three that's when you realize that this thing is actually doing his job and doing the pretty well. level four is The Sweet Spot on forward and it's where I spend most of my time turn my fishing. If you want to remain efficient with your better use I would suggest you stay at level 4 for all movements. At level 5 that is I want to get home speed. I have used this exclusively on rivers when I'm going against the current.

Haswing Osapian 40lb Thrust Freshwater and Saltwater Trolling Motor

Haswing Osapian 40lb Thrust Freshwater and Saltwater Trolling Motor

When you reach level 5 it will feel like it you're being kicked back. that is the power of level 5 and the sheer difference in speed and torque. There is one problem with this is. if you're using a battery box you may have some heat issues after about half an hour or more of use of that. I saw these reviews online for my battery box but when I used it for the exact same time almost an hour I didn't have any problems. I did notice that the wires were warm they weren't hot.

Battery Life

I would have called this trolling motor an energy-sipping device. The use of energy is pretty standard across all trolling motors and this is no different.While using level four level five exclusively I found that it works for about 6 hours. I only use level 5 when I was going home which was against the current. I would stick to standard battery usage rates for this trolley motor.


I believe the weight of the trolley motor is around 45 lb. It's fairly light and compact because it folds which helps. I've had some other types of four and the weight was the same but because it wasn't folding it seemed larger.

I will say that all the weight is in the head of the unit. The head of the unit is where the propeller is. When you're carrying that you have to note this and carry it in an upright position or adjust your wrist for the weight load in one Direction.

Clamp Strength

Most people won't think about the clamp that attaches the trolling motor to the transom. I've always been wary of ones that are done by hand because you don't want to break it by going too tight and you don't want to have it to lose so it falls off in the water when you hit something or go too fast.

Haswing Osapian Clamp

Haswing Osapian Clamp

I've noticed that this clamp stays on pretty well unless you hit something. Once something hits that property sector that talked about earlier you will notice that your clamp will not be loose. I suggest that once you hit something with your trolling motor you always inspect your clamp and tighten it if necessary.

Haswing Osapian 40lb Thrust Trolling Motor Installation

Haswing Osapian 40lb Thrust Trolling Motor Installation

 I've tried tightening this as tight as I can possibly get it and it hasn't caused any bending or breaking or any kind of structural damage to the trolley motor. This is fantastic cuz I didn't know about the quality of this which will talk about in the next section.


Overall would rate the quality of this trolley motor a B+. the reason that it's not an a is because of the way that the wires are constructed. If the civic league states that I shouldn't get the control unit of the trolly motor wet. However, I find that backsplash and stuff can make that part of the unit wet. However, I haven't had any adverse effects from getting a little wet so maybe that's just to cover themselves.

I will note that the transom clamps are quite strong and can take all the muscle that you personally can put on them. In the previous section, I talked about this in detail and why I believe this is one of the highest quality areas I've seen in a long time.

Haswing Osapian - Quality Metrics

Haswing Osapian - Quality Metrics

The head of the unit is also built very well. I ran over rocks, hugs, weeds, trash and had no problems. and when you're stuck in the weeds all of that stuff gets twisted around the head and causes the propeller to stop functioning. This is why I found myself floating in a huge carpet light mass of weeds. I was hoping to catch fish in that spot but apparently, they weren't there. After paddling myself out and removing all the weeds from the trolling motor it was squeaky clean and start-up just like it had when I first bought it.


You can get the Haswing Osapian trolling motor for $189 directly from the manufacturer. or you can get it from boatstogo.com like I did when I bought my boat for $179 with the same warranty. I believe these prices are both values for what you receive. You can spend more on a stronger trolling motor if you would like but you probably would be better off of a gas outboard.

Haswing Osapian Trolling Motor - Price

Haswing Osapian Trolling Motor - Price

Remember to budget for a deep cycle battery when you get your trolling motor. If you don't have cables to return to certain dealers they will charge you by state law. This was a real gotcha when I showed up at the battery store. It will set you back about $30 to $40. I decided to get to deep cycle batteries because I like going on Rivers a lot which requires me to use higher power for a longer period of time.  This means that I am susceptible to having the battery completely run out. I did this once within a hundred yards of my destination. Switching over to the second one was not that hard. You just have to remember to put your anchor out beforehand.


It was quite hard for me to find issues with this trolling motor. When you're using something that's not completely American-made you are skeptical. However, I have been very surprised about how high the quality is on this trolling motor. This is the reason that boatstogo.com probably for most of us on their website. if you are looking for the boats I highly suggest the Saturn SD488 inflatable boat as a great freshwater and saltwater boat. You can also get smaller boats there if you would like.

I believe that the extension of the arm is a weak point. If you look at the picture above when it is extended you will notice that it’s bending. this is not only visible but it's also can be felt. It almost feels like you could pull it off but you can't because it's obviously a locking device in the end that keeps it from doing that. However the further you pulled out the more bendable it is. I haven't been able to make it break or over Bend or come off at all since I have owned it. it also doesn't feel like it would break either.

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I also wish that the clamps would stay on tighter even if I hit something. If my gas outboard hit something and the clamps came loose I would be very scared of losing my outboard. However, because I use an inflatable boat and want to store it afterward I have to take it on and off repeatedly. This means that I'm susceptible for the clamp coming loose. This is just something to think about.


I would like to in this review stating that I believe that Haswing Osapian trolling motor is one of the best decisions you can make if you are looking for one. Is proof that it's strong enough and last long enough to power my 16 ft inflatable boat Up and Down the River wow fishing. If you are fishing and you need something to power your inflatable boat this is a great option for the money.

If you have any questions please comment down below or email me through the contact page. Please visit my YouTube channel and like share and subscribe to video that you saw above. If you would like to learn how to catch more and bigger bass please click on the pop up as you saw on the page and sign up to receive your free PDF. You also receive emails on a regular basis that will help you become a better fisherman and also learn how to fish or often.

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