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Creek Chub Striper Strike 2100 Lure Review

Creek Chub is the producer of some of the strongest and most-effective saltwater lures. The company is known for making world-class lures for catching bass and other game fish like Snook, striper, musky and pike. The World Record Largemouth Bass was caught on a Creek Chub lure. High-grade hardwood and Stainless steel wire-through technology are the two components in Creek Chub’s array of lures for battling larger fish. If you are hunting big and strong fish, you will need to fish a big and strong lure. there is no better one like the Creek Chub Striper Strike 2100. With the innovative materials and designs, this lure delivers the construction and motion you need to reel in the big game fish.

Creek Chub Lures are made to be retrieved speedily like a wounded baitfish, and to be cast farther than other lures. Creek chub lure is ideal for fishermen fishing under dams, plying the surf, or fishing anywhere long cast is necessary. As a slow-sinking fishing lure, these Chub Minnows should be retrieved quickly on top to imitate a fleeing baitfish, that bass, stripers, redfish, and other gamefish will find difficult to resist.

Creek Chub Lures

Increase your catch with Creek Chub Striper Strike; this premium hardbait’s slow-sinking action fishing lure makes it difficult for bluefish, stripers, and other predators to resist taking a bite. When it comes to fishing striped bass on the surface while feeding, Chub minnow is the right lure for the task. Locating baitfish activity is the key to landing these game fish, just hit the main areas and trail the birds to the food. That will lead you to a large group of stripers and other game fish.

The Creek Chub lures are an excellent option for fishing surf, below dams, and wherever long- casting lures are required. Not only do these Chub minnows perform out on the lake, but they are also the perfect lure for hunting game fish. The fishing lure comes with saltwater-resistant parts for successful surf fishing. Professional surf casters know that surf fishing needs heavy-duty fishing lures that can cast long distances and are irresistible to game fish. Creek Chub Striper Strike lures are up to the challenge.
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The appealing aspect of this fishing lure is its ability to deliver super-long casts. This premium chub minnow assures slow-sinking action and is also great for game fish. Its detailed finish makes it a perfect lure for fishing bluefish, stripers, and other predator’s fish. Creek Chub Striper Strike is furnished with extra-sharp stainless steel trebles.

Creek chub lures have been setting world records for decades, this slow sinking lure moves and looks just like a wounded baitfish. It has a concave mouth that makes some sound and action, along with a feathered tail that goes back and forth, tempting bass to take a bite. The lure's action drives bass and other game fish into attack mode. These chub minnows come in different sizes and some vibrant colors. The following are other great features that make this fishing lure a fishermen favorite.

  • Built Strong
  • Resistant To Saltwater
  • Excellent Topwater Action
  • Large Variety Of Colors
  • Long Casts
  • Great For Surfcasting
  • Extremely sharp and strong treble hooks

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Color Options

There are a variety of colors that you can use for this lure. The one that you want to choose is based on the baitfish that you are trying to mimic. You must remember to always match the hatch. When you are working this lure along the surface it will roll, sink and bob up and down based on your actions. The colors on the lure will show when you do this and they have to provide key markers for what the fish expect!

Silver Flash

Red Eye

Yellow Croaker




This chub minnow is produced with saltwater grade components and a stout hardwood body that makes it the perfect target for big predators. Designed with a very realistic big pupil eye, the Creek Chub lures give you the appearance of a real minnow. These lures are great for fishing subsurface, they are very hardy, in the container, and on the hook, and it is very easy to fish. This chub minnow comes in three different sizes:

  • 5.5 in / 2.2 oz
  • 4.25 in / 1.5 oz
  • 3.5 in / 0.75 oz

The Creek Chub lures have been the favorite lure for coastal anglers for more than fifty years. It casts well for its shape and sinks slowly. Its cupped head pushes a lot of water and makes a nice “bloop” sound when popped. Game fish like snook, Stripers, Reds love this lure. Some fishermen add this fishing lure to their bag for giant largemouth bass. Fish them like you would fish any other popper to land bluefish and striped bass.

Lastly, the Creek Chub is the best lure for recreational anglers targeting monster fish like Snook, pike, and bass, and it delivers. These fishing lures are plastic replications, with lightweight parts. They work very well if you fish them slowly; otherwise, they quit wiggling and spin. Creek Chub Striper Strike 2100 lures measures 4 1/4 inches long. It delivers the best topwater action for Striped Bass and Blue Fish, and many other game fish. So, if you are targeting big game fish, I recommend these chub minnows for you. There is no better lure to help you bring in those hungry striped bass than Creek Chub Striper Strike 2100 lures.

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