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Best Way To Clean Boat Carpet

If you’re looking to clean your boat carpet then this blog post will help you complete the job with no problem. Many freshmen and voters have had the problem of cleaning their boat carpet effectively.

As you will find out in this blog post the simplest ways to clean are still the most effective. Below, I will show you the steps to clean your boat carpet with the least amount of effort and for a little money.

There are expensive cleaners like Oxyclean that can get your carpet clean as well. However, They will cost you a little bit of money and will be just as active as using the tools and the steps listed down below.

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What Is The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method

The most effective carpet cleaning method but you can use is simply soap and water with elbow grease. The reason for this is that many cleaners are a little harsher than most people believe. One of those cleaners is simple green it is quite popular with cleaning boat carpet.

Most people want to get around the work of cleaning the carpet properly and that requires really digging in with a brush and some soap but it can take time. Using an additive or a cleaner can do this more timely. However if you clean your boat carpet more often you will find that it won’t get as dirty as it would if you needed a stronger cleaner.

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Naturama Eco-Friendly All Purpose Cleaner

Below I will list the steps that you need to follow to properly clean your boat carpet from A-to-Z. The steps will require a few tools that will be listed below as well.

  1. Remove by hand any debris that won’t fit into a carpet
  2. Vacuum the boat carpet to remove large debris
  3. Prepare 5 gallons of soap and water
  4. Take a sturdy short hair brush and begin cleaning from the middle of the carpet area and work outwards. This will pull dirt and debris to the drainage areas.
  5. If the area is heavily stained use a mixture of 50/50 white vinegar and water as a cleaning solution
  6. Pour clean water over the dirty soapy area or use a spray hose and 75% power or less

How Do You Clean Snap On Carpet

Cleaning snap on the carpet is a little different then cleaning the carpet that is glued to the floor. You are able to be more rough with this type of carpet because it has a different type of material then what other carpets are made of.

Boat Carpet

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I suggest using an industrial strength detergent with a pressure washer. Hang the carpet on something and spray it down thoroughly. Now you want to apply the detergent and scrub it into all the places that are dirty. Then you will spray it down with the pressure washer again. Place the snap on the carpet on the fence to dry overnight.

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Can You Pressure Wash Boat Carpet

As I have demonstrated above cleaning the carpet with a pressure washer is possible. You only want to do this with removable or snap on boat carpet for single reason. 

Pressure washers can be quite strong and cannot only damage your carpet but also your boat. It may damage the paint and your electronics because of the pressure of the water.

Westinghouse WPX2700 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

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If you’re OK with us and take the proper precautions you shouldn’t have a problem. However, I have to caution you. You could cost yourself thousands of dollars just to get done a little bit faster.

This may very well be the easiest way to clean boat carpet. You scrub and spray and then you are done. With the high pressure wash it is like a dishwasher blowing the food particles right off the plate with heat and pressure.

This is also the best way to clean removable carpet. You have the opportunity to remove it from its current environment and clean it with solutions that won’t soak into it for long periods of time. This will allow to better clean the boat carpet and ensure a long life.

Best Way To Clean Mildew Off Boat Carpet

I know that I have prescribed a non-abrasive and eco-conscious cleaning solution for your boat carpet. However, when you really need to get something clean you have to use the real stuff.

There are a variety of mildew and the carpet cleaners on the market. Not everyone is the same or will work with your particular type of carpet. I like to stick with the ones that are specifically made for the carpet because they are different and are treated differently than most peoples carpets.

Starbrite Boat Carpet Cleaner

One of those popular cleaners is called Starbrite ultimate carpet clean. Starbrite has been around for a long time and is known for cleaning all types of vehicle upholstery. You can’t go wrong if you’re doing some spot stain cleaning. 

Starbrite Ultimate Carpet Clean

It will clean up oily stains, grease, fresh blood, and dirt. One of the greatest things about it is the fact that it removes odors. When you have mildew in your boat carpet it will stink really bad. Make sure that your boat carpet cleaner is not just able to get the stain removed but also the stink that is below. Make sure that you don’t use one that just tries to cover it up with a potpourri smell.

Simple Green Boat Carpet Cleaner

Another option that you can use is Simple Green professional grade carpet cleaner. If you have gone through the Internet looking for a great boat carpet cleaner simple green has probably popped up with some DIY methods of getting it done just as good as any other cleaner. This is 100% true and you’ll find that is quite economical if you just go to your local hardware store and pick some up.

Simple Green Industrial Cleaner

One thing I want to say is that you might want to get the professional grade version. The reason for this is simple green will clean the toughest of stains and remove the smells. This also comes in a 1 gallon container that can make 22 gallons. This will last you probably the whole season if you clean your boat like you should every week.

Shaving Cream To Clean Boat Carpet

On the Internet you’ll find many hilarious things. One of those things will be looking at DIY solutions to problems. However funny they may seem for the most part they work just as good or sometimes even better than store bought brands.

Using shaving cream to be a spot cleaner for dirty areas on your boat carpet is a real solution. There are the proper make ups of solutions with them this product to be able to clean your boat carpet. I’m not sure if this works out economically but if you have some spare shaving cream and don’t wanna use it on your face then you can use it on your bow carpet.

How To Clean Boat Carpet Mold

Cleaning the mold out of your boat carpet is a little tougher than dealing with mildew. Mold could very well have damaged the boat carpet and require it to be removed from your boat. If your carpet is nailed or glue down to the wood or fiberglass of the boat this is quite a task. If you have snap on the carpet then it is not something that should concern you too much because it can be easily replaced.

Drill Brush Kit

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If you believe that your boat carpet is salvageable then you will want to get down and dirty of some heavy duty cleaners. I will suggest the simple green that was talked about just above here as a grade cleaner. You also have to look into some higher grade mold and mildew cleaners and maybe find a professional grade of those.

If you have seen those cheap or free boats available online then you know what I mean when I say this could be quite a task. I don’t want you to work too hard just to get a little bit of a result. Sometimes you have to let things go and just replace them because that is cheaper and easier. You have to remember that our first test is not to waste our time and get us back on the water so we can go fishing.

How To Clean Carpet In Different Kinds Of Boats

There are different types of boats in the world and each of them is unique in its own way. The carpet may be thinner or thicker or of a higher grade but generally they’re treated the same way in regards to cleaning.

The real difference is where they’re located and how you’re able to clean them. Obviously not everything can be power washed if it’s on the interior of your boat. Sometimes you don’t wanna use a harsh cleaner on a very moldy or stinky spot because it might stink up your whole go on the inside or areas where you don’t want that to happen.

In the following sections I will talk about the different types that you will see out there and how you should handle the situation for each single one. If you believe one was kept or you have some suggestions please comment down below.

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Best Way To Clean Bass Boat Carpet

In my effort to keep this short and sweet, I will simply state that all the suggestions from up above meet the requirements for cleaning your bass boat carpet. Bass boat carpets are flat level surfaces that are open to the environment.

This enables you to clean the carpet effectively with a variety of solutions which I have shown above. Do you won’t have any problems get into areas and if you do need to clean the area on the interior of a bass boat there is usually a drainage area where you can remove liquid.

Best Way To Clean Pontoon Boat Carpet

A pontoon boat is an interesting place to have to clean your boat carpet. It is probably the second most popular boat to have boat carpet. It is a flat surface where parties and family have a good time. This means that lots of people are wearing down the carpet. It also means that people are spilling all kinds of stuff on the carpet. 

When you are using the soap and water and the scrub brush you will have to use the drainage holes to focus the excess water to when you are scrubbing the carpet. Most pontoon boats will have this naturally occurring, but it will be gradual. It is more of a feature for rain and water getting inside the interior. 

Most of the areas on a pontoon boat are outside and you can use a strong spray hose and a vacuum while you are still on the vessel with other people. Yes, you can clean while your guest are still having fun. It may not be fun, but some people stay on these boats for days and it needs to happen.

Best Way To Clean Old Boat Carpet

Personally, cleaning old boat carpet can be hard. You don’t know what has happened or don’t remember what occurred on the boat previously. Old stains can literally become part of the boat. This will require stain cleaning products that could probably remove anything from anything. 

Even if you do get it clean you won’t have must carpet left that will look great. It will be discolored and falling apart from the base. Nobody likes uneven boat carpet. However, if you think you can manage it go ahead and try with an industrial cleaner and some elbow grease.

I recommend completely replacing the boat carpet. You will probably be surprised that it won’t cost a fortune. It may even prolong the life of your boat. The mold, mildew and growth could be ruining the baseboard and even the fiberglass of your boat over time. Out of sight out of mind doesn’t work here. A hidden problem could cause your boat to fall completely apart.

Best Way To Clean Ski Boat Carpet

A ski boat is a comfortable place for your friends and family to relax and laugh at you as you fail to get up on a wakeboard or eat it 20x in a row. OK, maybe that is just my situation, but let’s be real. These boats can range from cheap to absolutely insane!

You obviously want your prize possession to be looking and feeling good. I have noticed that many of the best use wood flooring on the exterior where you utilize the ski and board. Other areas can either use wood or carpet depending on how much space you have and what you plan to use it for.

EVA Foam Decking

Go try out a EVA Foam Decking!

For the most part, your boat carpet is located in the interior and water doesn’t get out super easy. You will find most of the drainage happens when you are going full speed like most fishing boats. I have a specific suggestion for cleaning these boat carpets.

Starbrite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner

You should clean these boats while you are out on the water. You will want to use my suggested procedure to not use abusive chemicals and high pressure sprayers. You will have to do some work, but it will be done right and your beautiful boat will remain that way for a long time. When you are done you can simply ride off into the sunset to drain all the water.

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