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Best Topwater Bait For Bass

Best Topwater Bait For Bass


What Is A Topwater Fishing Bait

A topwater bait is a lure that you use for catching fish at the top of the water. There are many types of lures for fish but this one is really good for largemouth bass. One of the reasons that this topic comes up a lot is the fact that people have a hard time catching bass with topwater baits. I personally had this problem but as of late I have to come tenured at this skill.

There are many types of topwater fishing baits and he's one of them is unique. I suggest that you do some research, like the research I've done below and figure out which one is best for you and your situation. I personally have my favorites but that is because I've done a lot of fishing and I know what works for me and my style. you should take some time and learn all about topwater fishing baits and figure out which one works for you and your area in the fish you are trying to catch.

Types of Topwater Bait For Bass

As stated previously there are many types of topwater baits that you can choose for when it comes to fishing for largemouth bass. Luckily for you, I'm going to go through the ones that I can remember all the top of my head and tell you why each one is important how it works and in what situations you may want to use this lure. however, realize that your situation is different from mine and everybody else's. never take anybody else's opinion unless they are under the same circumstances that you are in in your area.


Buzzbaits are really interesting bait. It was my first top or debate when I was a kid. I used it relentlessly, near logs, in open water, on points, pretty much everywhere. The one thing is I never really caught much on it or at all. This showed my inexperience with this particular type of bait. What I learned later was really important because without this knowledge you may not have any success as well.

The simple fact is a buzzbait is used for schooling fish. the buzzing of the bait actually it's supposed to mimic schooling fish in a body of water. You're more likely to see this in the ocean than in a lake but it happens just as often. Most people only fish during the weekend and there's a lot of fishing pressure. the fishing pressure actually brings down the level of schooling fish because of all the sound and traffic that happens with boots and Etc.

Booyah Buzzbait

Strike King Bleeding Bait Elite Buzzbait

Strike King Premiere Plus - The Double Take

The best thing you can do is go fishing when people aren't fishing. You can go later in the day. You can go early in the morning. And if you're really crafty like me you can go fishing at work which is what this is all about. If you want to know more about that please go to the homepage of this website and you'll find out more by clicking the link above the fold.

So if you're on your lake or pond or whatever look for activity on the water. You will see bubbles coming up near the surface you'll see tiny fish jumping. you may even see a largemouth bass or smallmouth bass jumping clean out of the water for no good reason.  these are the telltale signs of a school of baitfish being corralled usually in the middle of the water. The school will slowly move across the surface from here to there. Don't think that if they were there 5 minutes ago they'll be there another 5 minutes ago. the school moves very quickly and if you aren't ready to move with them you will lose them.

So when you approach the school do not drive through them. Be a safe distance away and then take your buzzbait to the outside of the school. I would have cast a little further away past the school if you could and then have it Go by them on the edge. The larger fish will be on the edge and underneath the school. This is a good way to stay away from this small largemouth bass are using lots of energy to dive into the school if Baitfish. The really large ones, the Lunker's are going to be underneath the school. the reason for this is when a baitfish gets hurt and one of those young'uns misses it and loses his opportunity it will sink down and go right into the big boy’s mouth.


Chatterbaits are a new bait for me. I have not official them very often. From what I hear from the locals are on here is that it works very well and black and blue. However, that is just my area. the black and blue color is a very good color for spinnerbaits chatterbaits and jigs. you should do some research to figure out what colors are good in your area and at what times.

You should use chatterbaits in the same areas as you use spinnerbaits. open water is fantastic as long as there's like a weed bed below it. Makes the logs is also good cuz fish can come out and attack it and I can watch it work cuz it Wiggles. Over stumps and logs is also good because the way the hook is designed it's sort of like a buzzbait. The hook is large and it stays upright while it is being wobbled. This single factor keeps it mostly weedless as long as it's moving.

I have not caught a fish on a ChatterBait yet. I will keep trying just like I did for frogs. is highly suggested to use a trailer on your chatterbait.  I would suggest a crawfish type trailer or a rip until type trailer. Make sure that the color matches the skirt of a Chatterbait as well.


Poppers are a fantastic lure if you have open water with schools of fish or fish hanging their structure. The popping sound actually gets the attention of largemouth bass in the area. This means you don't have to flip your lure with open treble hooks into Deep Cover.  I personally have caught several fish on a poppers and they are a good topwater lure for bass.

 However, I don't like the fact that is not weedless. When the fish are stubborn and don't come out from the cover the popper is no longer effective. So you have to use this lure in a very unique way. fortunately you can't really mess it up because it pops almost by itself when you jerk it rhythmically.

 You must remember that a popper is also trying to buy make a school of fish or a fish that is injured. So you want to get a popper that has a red back which means it looks like a little bit of blood is coming from the bass fish. This makes the fish think that it is injured and will be a easy meal. Also, remember when you jerk it rhythmically to break up the rhythmic style a little bit. Adding some pauses increase or decrease the speed of your jerks and this will keep fish I'm wondering if this is real or not.

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Stickbaits are really cool type of bait. They are cylindrical-shaped and have two or three treble hooks beneath them. They are Fantastic Four mimicking a small school of fish or a very large bass fish. This actually culls the fish and makes it so only the big boys come after. You obviously have some smaller fish that are really opportunity seekers and they'll get caught in a treble hooks as well.

When you rhythmically jerk this lure it will go from side to side. you can slow or increase the face on this as well but it's pretty much is the same no matter what you do. This is also a great lure for striped bass. remember to match the hatch when it comes to your color selection.

Jerk Baits

Jerkbaits are a lure that I use a lot. These come in hard or soft plastics. I usually use the Rapala lures for my jerkbaits preferably. The reason for this is they are high-quality, they last over a long period of time, and they plain work. you can use whatever type of drug that you want to.

rapala cd 5

The soft plastic jerkbaits are even more interesting. They have more action when you pull them and you can have more shapes as well. you don't have to jerk them from the front of the lure. You can hook them in the middle or in the back just like a big fish. I found this place to work very well for striped bass in inlets around Boston.

Frog Lure

Frog lures are fantastic because they are what they are. Is there anything really better than a big juicy frog. It's a slow-moving bait.  it's full of nutrition. It's a soft moist piece of bait. It's widely available. And it's easy to sneak up on because they can't see you below them.

This reason that I truly like frog lures the best. In the past they didn't work so well for me but as of late I'm having a lot of success with them. The fish like them the best because they are a great meal for a little energy expended. Sometimes your meal almost jumps right in your mouth. I wish I could get something like that when I wanted something to eat.

You can fish a frog lure almost however you like. You can pull it slow with pauses. You can work a little faster over the lily pads. What's the best method is to pull it over the lily pad slowly and let the fish follow it to the edge. And as soon as it hits the edge that is where you will get 80% of your bites. I've seen it many times and it still rings true. If you don't, believe me, you can go to any of the professionals’ TV shows and you'll see the exact same thing.

Rat Lure

A rat lure is a funny lure indeed.  the reason these work so well is the same reason a frog lure works so well. There are a lot of mice and rats in the world and they have to cross not only the road but also a body of water. When this happens a largemouth bass knows that it has an easy meal that will have a hard time escaping it's big mouth.

Most people don't like using these because they don't have much success during the day. most rats and mice move at night when it comes to being in the open. The only real thing to have to worry about at night is maybe a fox or an owl trying to scoop them up from above or on the ground. They will completely dismiss the fact that a largemouth bass or something else I go Pike will come after them.

 you can fish this lure fast or slow it doesn't really matter. But the best time will definitely be during low-light times. I would suggest trying this very early in the morning when you just get up and go to work. You'll get to use a very large lure at a time where we might everybody's trying to get their first meal of the day. The same goes for a bass or any fish in the morning. The first meal is hopefully the biggest meal.

Lizard Lure

A lizard lure is just like every other topwater lure that we talked about above.  it's a creature that's on top of water and trying to get across. The fish sees iit knows it's alive and that it can swallow it. That is as far as a largemouth bass will think. Looking for you is the fact that you don't have to work very hard to try to trick it.

Worm Lure

I listed worm lures for the simple fact that you can work a worm on the surface.The way you do this is by hooking the fish weightless. You can use any style you want but it has to be no weight at all. Have you ever used a live worm with no wait and watch it wiggle slowly through the water barely falling at all. at that point in time is weightless but it's moving. when a fish sees this it's usually after a rainstorm when the worm is trying to get out of the dirt because it's drowning. that is the point where it might slide into the water and become an easy meal.

 if you can replicate this action you will be in action. I suggest that you use the Wacky Worm method by hooking it in the middle of the worm. You can give it a few jerks and that should work. If you want to try a Texas Rig that's fine.

Duck Lure

I'm only bringing up the duck lure because I saw one on Bass Pro Shops one day. if you want to try out a duck lure be my guest. You are almost guaranteed to catch a lunker largemouth bass. However, you will have to be in the area that has those size fish.

I suggest that you don't use a duck lure. use it if you want to have fun and play around with your friends with your lures. You won't have much action with this but you don't have to listen to me. Go have fun and go fishing with anything.


One last thing I would like to bring up is a video I saw on YouTube. It showed a chipmunk going across a Florida Lake full of weeds. The Chipmunk was almost to the other side and about to get out. All of a sudden a boil in water occurred. then you see the huge mouth of a possibly 10 lb largemouth bass completely swallow the Chipmunk hole and disappear back into the darkness.

 These are the kind of things that happen on a daily basis when you aren't fishing on weekdays. the fish aren’t pressured with lures and boats and motors and kids and water spurts and etcetera...You need to find a way to get out there when the bass is most active and most likely to bite your topwater baits.

Best Topwater Bait For Bass​​​​

Now for the moment that you've been waiting for. The best topwater bait for bass is in fact the Frog lure. If you go back up when I explained frog lures you'll see that I was hinting on that fact. the Frog lure gives the best bang-for-the-buck for the largemouth bass. You should always be thinking about what the bass needs and or wants. Most people are thinking about themselves and what they want to happen but the world doesn't work that way.

Any professional fishermen will tell you that they have to cater to the fish. This is why they take tons of time to study the water and a local area and the bass fish figure out a game plan. And when you don't have a plan and there is plenty of cover like lily pads, hangover trees, and other things you want to start thinking about using a topwater bait.

Lunkerhunt Frog Lure

When it comes to lifelike frog lures you don't have to go further than Lunkerhunt. You can easily see that this is a frog, but from a distance would you believe it is real. This is what the fish are thinking so you need to get one to try it out. 

The one of the best reasons to use a frog lure as your top water bait of choice for largemouth bass is a fact that it's super fun. seen a largemouth bass explode out of the water as soon as it realizes a frog is available for its next meal is fantastic. If I could fish with one lower forever it will definitely be a topwater lure and then that topwater lure would be a frog lure. I sincerely hope that frogs don't go extinct anytime soon.

Below I have listed some popular frog lures that you should use when you go out fishing again. I personally owned the Strike King KVD sexy frog, lunkerhunt frog, live target frog, and another anonymous one. this appeal pivot frogs made by Patrick Sebile a very famous fisherman.  it only uses one hook. Arbogast hula popper is a popper that looks like a frog. the rebel buzzin frog is a buzzbait that looks like a frog. The Heddon torpedo is the color of a frog but is actually a stickbait. classic Lord I spoke of earlier is the Arbogast Jitterbug which I'm not sure what it actually is supposed to mimic and in real life. However, back in the 1940s and 1950s they thought it looked like a giant bug.

How To Use A Frog Lure

You can use your frog lure in a couple of ways. The best way is to find a big patch of lily pads and throw them in the center. Slowly drag the Frog lure across the lily pads until it reaches the edge. You can pause the lure when it hits the edge or just keeps going.  Once you pull it into the water that is when you should expect a bite. You may get one a couple of holes after it leaves the lily pad as well. this is exceedingly fun because you know exactly when the fish is going to bite.

Another way to use the Frog lure is to cast it right on the edge of the shoreline. This is traditionally where a frog will enter the water. If a bass has been living for long it will know that only a couple things into the water from the shore like that. The largemouth bass will get interested and come over and immediately bite the frog that has reached the shoreline. I recently had this happen when I went fishing with my Strike King KVD sexy frog.

You can also use the Frog lure in Open Water. when I say open water I mean near structure. If you have stumps or logs and the water is great to carry them right over the top of them. If you have sunken trees it's great to pull them from the shoreline over the tree and through all the branches. If you have deep weeds they're near the surface it's great to pull the Frog lure over the grass beds. If you've seen a frog in the water Note 4 location they're at and how they're moving across the water and mimic it.

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This concludes our look at the best topwater bait for bass. as you have seen the Frog lure is the best of all the types you can possibly get. If you are fishing for a different type of fish you will find that a different bait is best for them. I hope that you try as many top of the base that you can for as long as you can. Don't let cold weather stop you because the fish are still active at the surface in some places during these types of weather events.

If you are looking for a great frog lure we can use the links above or go to your local fishing shop and support your local retailers. please visit the homepage to see other great blog post about bass fishing and going fishing more often. If you don't believe you can go fishing more often and or on the weekdays you should check out a special page I made. just go to the homepage and you will see a link at the very top. Click on it and you'll get to hear all about my story and how I was and how I could find more time to go fishing and how I made it  My New Reality.

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