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Best Redfish Lures

Redfish are saltwater species and are also known as red drum. You can recognize them by the black spot on their tails. They have a blunt nose, a wide undercut mouth, and a chin without barbels.

They have reddish copper and bronze color on their bodies in dark waters, and lighter shades in clear waters. Their abdomens are pure white, and they have spots at the base of their tail and are rarely without spots. They are exciting inshore gamefish, and many considered them good for eating.

minnow lure

To entice these rough inshore brawlers, you need to have the right lure, while there are many lures out there that will catch redfish; the following are some of the best lures that have proven their effectiveness.

Top 15 Best Redfish Lures

Rapala X-Rap

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This is another walk-the-dog bait. It moves in the water is a bit bumbling, but it has a shiny glossy appearance. Cast this lure on a clear day to attract redfish. Its action imitates a baitfish in search of food or new hiding places.

While some baits need to be reeled in quickly, the X-Rap can sit and suspend in the water allowing redfish to come to you. This bait is also equipped with a feathery tail treble hook to represent the fluid movement of a fishtail.

I created a formal review of this lure which you can read at my Rapala X-Rap Xtreme Action Slashbait review webpage.

Rapala Jointed Minnow

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Just like previous Rapala minnows the jointed has all the great features that they do. The only real difference is the fact that it is cut in half. This is the "Jointed" disposition of this famous minnow lure.

A simple screw and loop connection allows the back in to swim as if it has a real tail. If you are dealing with fish that are a little bit skittish or not hungry this may attract them. If the bass are just a little bit hungry they will come running.

If you want to catch a lot of fish go for the smaller sizes. You will catch bass, bluegill, crappie and perch all with this lure. If you go larger you will find bigger fun!

MirrOLure XXL 37MR-11

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This is perhaps my favorite inshore lure. This lure is perfect for redfish, especially during the warmer months. It has an amazing movement in the water, twitching side by side like a wounded baitfish on the retrieve. 

Mirrodine wide-body profile with realistic baitfish pattern stimulates violent strikes.

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Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk

This is one lure that always makes the list of top lure ranking for redfish, trout, and snook. The large number of fish I caught with this lure makes it impossible to leave out. 

This is a walk-the-dog type of topwater lure; the lure comes with a little internal rattle that clacks as you run it across the water surface. It looks great and in my opinion, it works better than any other topwater lure when working it.

Halco Rooster Popper

Go try out a Halco Rooster Popper!

Live Target Mullet Twitchbait

This lure relies on its detailed, natural appearance and a subsurface darting action to attract redfish. This floating plug comes in 3½ and 4-inch lengths and weighs 1 and 5/8 ounces.

Heddon Super Spook

Go try out a Heddon Super Spook!

Live Target Shrimp

Go try out a Live Target Shrimp!

Johnson Silver Minnow

Go try out a Johnson Silver Minnow!

This is a weedless spoon. It is one of the best lures for redfish fishing and the number one choice for many fishermen. It comes with many colors to choose from, but gold is the perfect color for redfish. 

If you ask any veteran redfish fishermen, I'd bet 90 percent of them would tell you to pick gold. Its classic design creates perfect movement in the water with little effort. Redfish love it.

Berkley Gulp Grub

Go try out a Berkley Gulp Grub!

Berkley J-Walker 100

Go try out a Berkley J-Walker 100!

Go try out a Bomber Badonk-A-Donk!

This is another topwater lure that will create some vicious strikes. Bomber Badonk-A-Donk is an excellent lure with unique action. This lure has a low pitch and better hardware to resist salt corrosion.

When fishing this lure, give it a good cast and make some noise to let the fish know you are here. The Bomber Badonk-A-Donk has a walk-the-dog style that allows the bait to be brought in at any speed. A lot of fish swim against the current to catch whatever flows downward. So cast downstream and walk it back.

Grub With Spinner

Go try out a Grub With Spinner!

Egret Wedgetail Mullet

As the name suggests, the wedge on the tail of this soft-plastic lure produces enticing kicking and vibration. It works best when rigged on a jig or swimbait hook.

Rapala Minnow Shadow Rap

Best Redfish Lure Colors

When it comes to redfish fishing, one common question fishermen ask is “What color of lure did you use?” Every fisherman wants to have a good catch no matter what you are targeting, but to achieve this you must make sure you choose the right color of lure.

Choosing the right color is one key to have a great fishing day. So the best lure colors for Redfish are white, chartreuse, bloodworm, gold rush, and golden bream. Choosing one for every situation will not be to your advantage. Every day and every environment is different. Thankfully, just about every situation can be covered by just having these colors.

Best Winter Redfish Lures

Fishing can be tough during winter months, the water is getting colder, clearer, and the fish are eating less. Redfish are extra spooky during this season, so you need to choose a lure that won’t scare them off. The following are the best winter lures for redfish Shrimp.

Best Shallow Water Redfish Lures

If you are fishing shallow water for redfish, remember the fish are usually on high alert. Ff you want to give yourself the best shot at being successful at it, you need to choose the right lure. 

Lures that vibrate or make noise in the water tend to scare fish, but a simple lure like a split-tail jerk shad is ideal for redfish fishing. They imitate an injured baitfish or a scared shrimp, and are enticing to predatory fish like redfish.

Best Weedless Redfish Lures

When it comes to weedless lures, yum money minnow is my favorite. You can cast it into the deepest cover and it won't get stuck. The following are other best weedless lures for redfish.

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Best Redfish Lures Louisiana

Louisiana water is one of the best destinations for redfish. It is believed to be one of the best redfish destinations in the Gulf of Mexico. So, if you are looking for the best fishing lures for Louisiana saltwater fishing. The following are our top recommendations.

Best Lures For Inshore Saltwater Fishing

Inshore fishing is one of the most popular methods of saltwater fishing. Millions of fishermen all over the world target inshore species due to low costs, ease of accessibility, and year-round availability.

To be successful with this fishing method, you need to choose the right lures for the fish. So, the following are the best lures for inshore saltwater fishing.

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