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Best Fish Finder Under $1000

We all have our hopes and dreams up for grabs when we get a new boat. We expect it to be a perfect situation where everything comes together.

However, there are so many factors that can keep you from doing the one thing you want to Not everybody can spend thousands of dollars to have a fish finder that literally puts a radio tag on a fish so you can catch it.

best fish finder

Luckily fantastic fish finders are available for under $1,000 and that’s obviously what you want to know. There are several popular brands out there, but when you only want the best how do you choose?

You simply have to know what you want and do your research. You probably know as well as me that many manufacturers focus on certain markets. Raymarine is saltwater and Humminbird is freshwater.

That’s who they focus all of their features on. So…. who are you?

Humminbird HELIX 8 CHIRP Mega DI GPS G3N

Now I know we all want the biggest screen possible. If people could put their HDTV on their boat they would for many reasons. However, an 8in display is all you really need to get on the fish.

With the addition of CHIRP sonar, GPS, and Autochart live that tells you everything about the bottom you are fishing you can devise the perfect strategy to entice a wary fish.

Humminbird HELIX 8 CHIRP Mega DI GPS G3N

Take note of these features below because they are plentiful. More than likely you will not even get to use all of these features because it’s not completely necessary to do what you need.

However, having these when you do need them can be invaluable. Remember to test these while you are out on the water and study up while you are at home. 

  • Mega Down Imaging - 3x stronger than standard down imaging and can see 125ft down.

  • Dual Spectrum CHIRP - Wide Spectrum for coverage and Narrow Spectrum for detail.

  • GPS

  • Autochart Live - Create real-time maps with 8 hours of recording

  • Humminbird BASEMAP

  • Dual Micro-SD

  • HD Display

  • Ethernet + Bluetooth

  • Lakemaster Maps

  • SmartStrike

  • I-Pilot Link

  • Humminbird Autopilot

  • One Boat Network

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Best Fish Finder In 2020

Lowrance HDS-16 LIVE With Active 3 in 1 Transducer With Fish Reveal

Lowrance has long been a trusted name in GPS electronics; the company has taken that expertise to the fishing world in the form of fish finders.

The Lowrance HDS-16 is a great addition to your fishing gear that provides the best views with a Full HD touch screen and provides access to the best fish finding equipment with built-in Lowrance CHIRP sonar. 

It also comes with preloaded C-MAP US Enhanced Inland as well as Coastal mapping and automatic routing support. It is perfect for identifying fish-holding spots such as rockpiles, weedbeds, ditches, and drop-offs.

Lowrance HDS-16 LIVE

Go try out a Lowrance HDS-16 LIVE!

High Resolution Display

The high-resolution display, along with the backlight, means that you can use this finder in mostly every condition you can imagine. Rain or sun, day or night, frost or snow.

Even in heavy fog, you can go out into the water with the HDS-16. No matter the number of fishermen in your boat, everyone will be able to see the screen clearly.

it's viewable from a wide angle and its size means that even if you are too far away, you will still be able to see what's going on underwater. The following are the great features that make Lowrance HDS-16 the best fish finder in 2020.

  • Water-resistant

  • Active Imaging 3-in-1

  • Smartphone notifications

  • Quick Access Control Bar

  • Live Network Sonar

  • Programmable keys

  • Powerful quad-core processor

  • Easy to Adjust Gimbal Mount

  • 8 GB Internal Storage

  • High Precision Internal GPS

  • Fantastic Resolution

  • Dual-Channel CHIRP Sonar

  • LiveSight Compatible

  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity

  • Superior Surface Clarity

Best Fish Finder Under $2,000

Humminbird HELIX 12 Fish Finder With Chirp

Humminbird HELIX 12 Fish Finder is a little below $2000 and is one of the best investments you can make when buying a fish finder. This is because this device is packed with great features that are going to be useful when fishing.

It gives a complete detailed and clear view of up to 200 feet on each side of your boat and about 200 feet below your boat.

The Humminbird's Imaging MEGA plus sonar frequency is 3 times higher than the traditional 455 kHz frequencies kHz, which leads to the sharpest and clearest underwater views.

The integrated Dual-spectrum CHIRP sonar pinpoint well-defined fish arches and gives clear views of the fish-holding structure along with the bottom.

Humminbird HELIX 12

Go try out a Humminbird HELIX 12!

Narrow Mode / Wide Mode

Also, it offers two ways of fish searching methods, the Narrow Mode for maximum detail, and the Wide Mode for maximum coverage.

Complemented by Humminbird's innovative SwitchFire sonar function that allows you to easily add or remove details. It also helps in calculating the temperature, depth, turbulence of the water, and even lets you watch your lure presentations.

The following are other great features that make this product excellent value and quality for the money you will pay.

  • Great Display and image quality

  • Fantastic depth and reach

  • CHIRP and standard sonar options

  • Lake mapping features

  • Powerful GPS and maps

  • Pairs with your mobile phone

  • 2.5” target separation

  • Water-resistant

  • AutoChart Live

  • One year warranty

Best Fish Finder Under $1500

Lowrance HOOK2 12 Inch Fish Finder Device

Every year, many experienced fishermen use Lowrance HOOK2 more than any other brand of fish finder. Lowrance HOOK2 12 Fish finder comes complete with a TripleShot transducer that gives you SideScan sonar, DownScan sonar, and CHIRP sonar views.

It also features auto-turning sonar and phone-like menus that give you more time to fish and less time to deal with the setting.  

Lowrance HOOK2

Go try out a Rapala Ripstop!

Pre-loaded US Mapping

It also comes with a pre-loaded US mapping that features 4,000 lakes and 1-foot contours, this feature allows you to fish new water like a pro and narrow your search to easily locating fish-holding structures such as drop-offs, ledges, and cover.

The SD card slot allows for easy upgrades of mapping and software, including the addition of third-party maps and for future features. The following features make this fish finder similar to an expensive finder.

  • Dual-Channel CHIRP Sonar

  • Water-resistant

  • Live Sight Compatible

  • Fantastic Resolution

  • 8 GB Internal Storage

  • Easy-to-Adjust Gimbal Mount

  • High Precision Internal GPS

  • Active Imaging 3-in-1

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Best Fish Finder Under $700

Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 SplitShot

This device comes with one of the most popular Lowrance features: FishReveal. This great fish finding device integrates the proven target ID of Lowrance CHIRP sonar and high-resolution images from underneath details and structure from DownScan Imaging.

This provides you the best fishing view, which allows you to target fish and get a better view of how they relate to the structure without the need for a CHIRP-DownScan Imaging screen. 

It also comes with a powerful array of industry-leading features, such as the automated sonar settings, which is twice the sonar coverage of traditional fish finders, 7" SolarMAX screen, and an optimized keypad with one-touch access to main features.

You will enjoy the clear views of your screen no matter what the conditions, even in direct sunlight with superb clarity and daylight visibility of the HOOK Reveal SolarMAX display

Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 SplitShot

MicroSD Card Slot

It also features easy navigation through menus and dedicated keypads. An excellent fish finder for a variety of boats, it is one of the most affordable 7-inch units that come with an included transducer and Down scanning sonar.

It has a microSD card slot for data backup and Genesis Live mapping. The following are other great features that provide excellent value for a reasonable price. 

  • It comes with high-resolution, full color, and 7-inch screen

  • Great imaging capabilities

  • CHIRP and Side sonar capabilities

  • It is preloaded with several maps 

  •  It has Wi-Fi capabilities

  •  It comes with reasonable price

  • Adjustable backlight for better readability

  • Supports 50 kHz

  • GPS plotter feature

  • Gimbal mount included

  • Fairly easy to install

  • It comes with one year warranty

Best Fish Finder Under $500

Humminbird HELIX 5 With Chirp

This is another affordable best fish finder from Humminbird. When it comes to the manufacturing of advanced fish finders, the company is one force to be reckoned with.

The unit comes with high precision navigation capacity, the technology responsible for spotting fish. 

In addition to that, the head is rotating for constant navigation over waters. The imaging technology only shoots high-frequency beams, it moves below the surface revealing structures, contours, including covers with complete clarity.

The super-thin beams scan from left to right, which makes the side imaging very impressive. In the case of the down imaging, the sound waves are high-frequency and emitted in super-thin slices that help you to view rocks, brush, timber, and bridge piling with stunning intricate detail.

Humminbird HELIX 5 With Chirp

CHIRP Sonar Technology

Not like the previous generations of Humminbird fish finders; this unit comes with a CHIRP sonar technology that can scan water depths up to 1000 feet, using the small, medium, or high-frequency modes.

The CHIRP sonar technology doesn’t just scan the deep water, but also gives you a high-resolution display, greater target separation, and highly reduced image noise.

In addition to that, the following features make this unit an excellent value for the price.

  • Water-resistant 

  • It is robust and reliable 

  • It is easy to install

  • 5-inch screen of 1,500 nit brightness

  • It comes with a Micro SD card to store marked locations

  • The Combination of GPS and Fish sonar

  • The CHIRP and transducer technology

  • Screenshot and sonar recording features

  • Waterproof rating of IPX7

  • One year warranty

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Best Lowrance Fish Finder

Lowrance HDS-16 Live

When it comes to the best Lowrance fishfinder, Lowrance HDS Live 16 become our top pick. Lowrance has taken the design of this model to a new level; it comes with a massive 16-inch screen that produces high-resolution images that would be difficult to match.

The processing power has been improved to ensure there is no lag time. Lowrance HDS Live 16 comes with Active Imaging that gives you a better range along with more clarity.

You can even see the scales of the fish and watch the fish take the lure in real-time. This unit is Lowrance's leading product and also one of the most expensive on the market. 

Lowrance HDS-16 LIVE

Go try out a Lowrance HDS-16 LIVE!

Ethernet / NMEA 2000 / LiveCast

Equipped with a wide range of Lowrance's most advanced technologies, it includes Ethernet, wireless connectivity, NMEA 2000, LiveCast smartphone integration, and ultimate integration capability.

Although it is expensive, it has great features that make it worth the price. The following are other great features that make this unit the best Lowrance fish finder. 

  •  Touch screen technology

  • Great processing capacity

  • It comes with Genesis Real-Time mapping

What Is The Best Fish Finder For The Money?

Humminbird HELIX 5

A fish finder is a great piece of equipment for any angler on a fishing trip. Aside from your rod and reel, there are few pieces of fishing equipment today that are more productive or important than fish finders.

There are many choices out there when it comes to fish finders. We all want to make the right choice, a choice that you don’t have to break the bank and would always net out fish. 

There is no better choice than Humminbird HELIX 5 when it comes to the best fish finder for the money. Humminbird Helix 5 SI CHIRP fish finder is you can get for under $500 with all the features of the expensive fish finder.

It comes with many great features like the upgradable internal software and a big resolution of 800 X 480. The screen is bright so you can see it even in bright sunshine.

Humminbird HELIX 5 With Chirp

Dual Beam

In addition, the unit also provides a dual beam that enables it to cover a broad coverage spot. If you are looking for high resolution, use the narrow beam.

if you need to see a large spot, use the wide beam. Humminbird HELIX 5 fish finder is a perfect tool for the fishing business. the following features make it the best fish finder for the money.

  • Double beam and side Imaging and Down Imaging

  • Powerful transducer

  • IPX7 waterproof

  • Sonar recording with screenshot capability

  • NMEA 0183 support

  • Upgradable internal software

  • Small memory card port

  • Easy to install

  • One year warranty

  • Water-resistant

Which Fish Finder Has The Best Down Imaging?

Humminbird HELIX 7 Chirp MDI

When it comes to buying a fish finder with the best Down Imaging, there is no better choice than the Humminbird HELIX 7 Chirp MDI.

The HELIX 7- MDI gives you a unique below surface clarity with coverage of about 125 feet beneath your boat. It will open fresh details with about 3 times more output than standard Down Imaging sonar

Humminbird HELIX 7 Chirp Mega Down Imaging

Mega Down Imaging

This Humminbird fish finder system is able to scan depths of about 1,200 feet in 2D and about 350 feet in Down Imaging.

The depth capacity of the Mega DI beam is 125 feet. The unit can be paired with different 50 kHz transducers. When using a 50 kHz CHIRP transducer, the depth capabilities of the system can reach up to 3,500 feet.

What Is The Best Fish Finder GPS Combo?

Lowrance HDS-16 LIVE

The Lowrance HDS-16 LIVE is the best fishfinder GPS combo made for serious anglers who are looking for a premium unit to use in saltwater or freshwater.

HDS-16 is the best GPS combo with 16” of the display, which is a lot of space for some high-quality components. This is undeniably the best GPS Chartplotter fish finder with a great multifunction screen.

The only drawback of this device is that it is very expensive. The HDS-16 is remarkable, the best fish finders in the market by far, and probably the closest to the ideal we can offer for the best GPS Combo.

Lowrance HDS-16 LIVE

Go try out a Lowrance HDS-16 LIVE!


In conclusion, I would like to say that if you are looking for the best fishfinder GPS combo, you should consider purchasing the Lowrance HDS-16 LIVE.

Although it is an expensive model, that is only because it is amazing, this device comes with an amazing screen, many great features, and all the specifications you will need to see what's underneath and navigate your boat. 

If you are on a budget and have no plan for a high-end fish finder, we have also reviewed a lot of affordable ones.

Finding the best fish finder means finding the balance between what you desire to achieve, and how much you are willing to spend. Hopefully, with this article, reaching that balance will not be difficult.

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