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Berkley Power Worms

Hello! Dwight Norris of and today I wanted to talk about Berkley power worms. Now you've probably seen many different types of Berkley Powerbait. They've always been known for allowing fish to bite and hold on to a fake or artificial lure longer by adding scents and attractants into the actual plastic. I think it's called mold injection and it's not like their are liquid scents inside of it. It's actually in every piece of the plastic. So it's constantly leaking out. The more you squeeze it, the more it comes up to the surface. So let's talk a little bit about that.

Berkley PowerBait

As you've probably seen in my previous videos of fishing on the Charles River at the esplanade, I've been using a Berkley power worm, which is actually a older type of Berkley Power. They have some newer types now that I actually haven't purchased yet. I do have some others that go by the name of Berkley Gulp Lures.

Today we're talking about something I've had in my tackle box for quite some time, which I actually haven't gone into depth about. So this is the actual thing that we will be talking about today. Berkley Powerbait Worms! As you see here, there's a powerbait worms formula right there, which is sort of a secret, but I think we all know it sort of tastes and smells like a worm, but if you open the bag you might get a different whiff of something else.

Berkley Power Worms

You know that worms actually smell like mostly nothing. It's hard to deteriorate and conceal in the box and it starts to stink a little, but this isn't that smell. It's something else. It's something that gives a fish a curious thought. Is this a worm? Is this something else? Do I want to eat it? These are the questions that a fish might have within a second or actually slower.

Berkley PowerBait Worms

This is what I would think, but they say a fish will hold on 18 times longer! They've done extensive tests over decades now that this will do that and I haven't seen anything that will go against the contrary. They go through more detail with this formula and what it does for testing the Berkley lures.  

The advantage of holding on 18 times longer is the same as actually holding on 18 seconds based on what their initial tests were. An unscented base was averaging one second. The other scented baits were only lasting three seconds, which is three times better. Three times better always sounds better than not better. So something says 18 times better.

Berkley Power Worms

We're talking like Whoa, revolutionary. But I'm sure by now they've gotten a little better than that. Maybe they haven't. Maybe they got worse. It all depends. So one second for an unscented, three seconds for the other competition that are scented, and 18 seconds for the Berkley powerbait worms. So you if you want to use artificial bait, you should buy something scented. That's generally what the test results say. You want something that's very strong. It holds up. It lasts a long time.

Power Bait For Bass

I've had this in my fishing box for a long time. Oh man, the last time I used this was five years or more, maybe longer than that actually. I caught several fish on it and several of them had it in their mouths for a period of time. The one I have a picture on a previous video. It actually held on for at least five seconds before I realized that something had it because I cast it to a nice little log. 

Berkley Power Worms

It floated down with the Texas style bullet weight, but it never hit the bottom. I didn't realize that and it might've been about seven seconds and I saw the line actually move to the right. Either it slid off a rock and hit the bottom and I didn't fill it, but I know that the water was only about five feet deep, so that's not possible. So I reeled it in, I felt tightness and I still felt something moving, so I gave the hook a pull and boom, nice three pound largemouth bass. The Berkley Power Worms are excellent power bait for bass when it comes to the Berkley lures.

Berkley Power Worms

‚ÄčSo far as I'm concerned, it at least kept half of it's 18 second timer, well over five years. So that, that's kinda crazy. They always say for this particular bag to keep it sealed from evaporating. It's not just on the inside, it's the outside as well. To keep it at max capacity so it can actually do the 18 seconds is to keep the bag closed.

Berkley Power Worms

You'll know this, but if you keep it open that the scent will actually start coming out and like, oh, what's that smell? My tackle box? Oh the Berkley Power Worms, I should make sure that it's closed. Then you look and some of the stuff is leaking out and it gets a little sticky and you're like, oh man, these things! When the fish hold on longer and make you look like a better fisherman, that's a great thing.

Gulp Worms

So I honestly really want to promote this product. Also they also make a new type that is better and focused on saltwater. I just remembered what it was called Berkley Gulp Bait or Gulp Worms. Those are the bulk of the Berkley Gulp worms which have a new formula. The actual time increased. I'm sure they made it better.

You know, who makes things worse. For saltwater you really need some kind of flavor. You need to make it extra salty to be as natural as possible without actually being real. So for soft plastic baits, this is great. What else can I say about the Berkley power worms except that they're awesome! This particular one has tails on the end of the worm because it's not like the newer plastic worms. 

I have purchased a recent one which is called the Zoom Trick Worm. It's definitely trying to trick you into thinking that it's a real worm. It's round all the way across. Just like a worm. It's an almost exact replica of in their form and it has a nice feel to it. It's more natural. It feels like it moves more like a worm does further than this wiggly tail. That kind of confuses me. Makes me think that the worms wrapping itself up is also natural as well, but only on the end.

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That style was really big back in the day, but now people are using more natural worms and you know, why wouldn't you be more natural? So we're gonna try to see if we can get something to bite here. I've actually already had this rigged up still on my telescoping collapsible Eagle Claw pack it fishing rod. It still smells a little bit. It could be better. Maybe I should replace this one and get a new one out of the package, but it's kind of hard to because it's in perfect shape other than not smelling. Yes! Because it's used! I will probably have to replace this whole package and get some Berkley gulp worms. For right now it's still working. They're still confused. They still think it's a worm. So let's go fishing!

Berkley Power Worms Update!

It turns out that I did purchase a new package of Berkley PowerBait Power Worms while at the local bait shop earlier this spring. I totally forgot that I bought Berkley Power Worms and thought it was something else. Low and behold it states that fish hold on 18x longer. So the formula has not changed at all. I believe the improvements were only made on the Berkley Gulp line, which is more towards saltwater fishing. 

Please excuse me for my error and know that you can still get the tried and true Berkley Power Worms at your local store if they carry Berkley lures. Just to show you that I do actually own the new version check out the new packaging below!

Berkley Power Worms
Berkley Power Worms

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