Get a Free fly box While Supplies Last!

(All For The Cost Of USPS First Class Mail)

This fly box will help you store the perfect flies to catch your next personal best!

fly fishing box

What makes this fly box special?

  • Plastic cover keeps your flies protected from the environment
  • Hard case protects flies from being damaged
  • Foam hook inserts allow for small and large sizes
  • Small container is easy to store in your pocket or fishing bag
fly fishing box

fly fishing box

My Inventory Is Running Low!

this free offer only lasts while i have availability in stock!

Why Am I Doing This?

I have heard from some fishermen who can’t believe what I am doing. They also don’t think I would give them fishing gear for free nor do they know why I would do that.

This is why...

Fly boxes help fly fishermen hold their hard to hold and hard to see flies. When you are waist deep in a river the last thing you want to do is to be worried about losing your flies. This fly box will keep them protecting and accessible.

So you are wonder why I would give away a FREE one even though I am losing money every time I do this?

I want to earn your trust, so helping you catch more fish is my way of doing that! That includes giving you a free fly box so that in the near future, you might join my fishing club to help you fish more, catch more, and take home some trophies!

Giving away fishing gear that is useful to you is my attempt to show you that I am serious about helping you as a member.

I just ask that you pay for First Class shipping through USPS, which comes with tracking. You will know that your order is on the way and it will arrive fast.

Once you receive it take it out for a day of fishing and send me the videos and pictures of what you catch. Tell me your fishing story and how this lure performed. I want to learn more about you and how I can help you succeed in your mission.

When this lure helps you to catch tons of fish consider joining the club. We will be giving away more fishing gear within the group, which is for members.

Good luck out there Captain. I hope to see you with a huge fish by your side!